Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review: Tempting Whispers

Book Title: Tempting Whispers by T. A. Grey
Publisher: Self Published
Reviewer:  Crystal

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


In the final installment to the Kategan Alphas series, Vanessa Kategan is a desperate woman. She's got no job, no money, no place to go and to top it all off she's on the run. That is, until she runs into the irritating, thought-consuming vampire Brayden. Now he's forcing her to accept his help and she takes it even knowing her heart is on the line. The vampire can make her body burn one minute and her temper explode the next. Yet, she's drawn to him like no other.

Brayden lives his life by codes. One of those codes is to protect others who can't protect themselves. When Vanessa Kategan rolls into his town he can't deny the urge to help her, nor can he keep his hands off of her. Soon, the walls are closing in on them. Time is running out, people are showing up dead, and Brayden's not sure if he can keep Vanessa safe through it all.


Well I have finally reached the end of a series. I am feeling different emotions. I am happy that everyone seems to be doing good and found the right mates to make their life better. I am also sad because I have really felt that this characters were all alive and I had a deep connection with them.

 Brayden is a Justicar that believes in family and going by the book. He never shows any emotion. Well that is until he meets Vanessa for the first time. There is something there between him but he tells her she needs to do what her father wants. He didn't know that he would regret that decision two years down the road.

Vanessa Kategan is on the run from the man she married. He forces her to have sex with him and makes her wait on him while he treats her like crap. When Brayden finds out what she went through he vows to help her get her divorce and to to keep her safe. He never thought he would be fighting his feelings from her even more than he had before.

 In this last book of the Kategan Series we find out some truths about some secrets and Brayden is the man to uncover them. He takes his job serioulsy. He just never thought he would also be protecting the woman that he loves. I hate knowing that this is the end. I wish that we had found out how the rest to the Kategan's were doing since this is two years later then when the last book stopped. Other than that I have to say that I really loved this book.


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