Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review: Dark Seduction

Book Title: Dark Seduction by T. A. Grey
Publisher: Self Published
Reviewer:  Crystal

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


When a lunatic escapes from prison, Dmetri Demidov is called in to help protect the Kategans. After all, out of all the Justicars he was the only one who used to have an intimate relationship with one of the Kategans. Dmetri’s grumbling over having to “babysit” the Kategans is quickly extinguished though when he meets the pack’s healer—Christine Barrows.

Suddenly Dmetri can’t recall why he preferred chic, classy women when he sees Christine. She is rough, wild, and so sexy she drives him crazy. Having her once isn’t enough and for whatever reason—he wants more. Christine Barrows has one goal in life—to mate with an alpha. When the sexy and exotic Russian vampire comes into the pack and chases after her, Christine doesn’t know what to do. She loves the way she feels in his arms, loves disarming his cool façade, but can’t ignore her goal no matter how her heart feels.

As the danger grows around the Kategans, Dmetri and Christine wind up in the middle of a dangerous game. Dmetri is forced by one short woman to question his feelings on the one thing he’s never experienced–love.


I can see why this book is called Dark Seduction. It goes along with the name.

 Dmetri Demidov is a Justicar and is giving the job of protecting the Kategan clan. He doesn't want to do it. He would rather get his kicks with the woman in his room. He knows that there will probably be a little tension since he used to date the Alpha's sister. Vera was in love with him and he crushed her until she found the right mate for her.

 Christine Barrows is the healer for the Kategan Clan. In this book it gets exciting because she gets to deliver the Alpha's baby and we find out what it is. Christine knows all about Dmetri from Vera, she knows that she can't let her guard down around him. She is trying to do what her parents have wished for her and find a strong Alpha to mate. Only thing is Dmetri didn't get the memo.

 In this book we get to see tempers fly and how vampires and werewolves behave in different situations. I like how the author gave us a little peak into the characters of the next book. It only makes me want to read it even more. I know that this series is coming to an end and I hate that.


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