Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: Geek God

Title: Geek God  

Author: Victoria Barbour

Genre: Contemporary romance

Length: Novella

Review rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Reviewer: Storm Goddess


**A short and sweet novella by Amazon Bestselling author Victoria Barbour**

Looks can be deceiving. Just ask Classics professor Jillian Carew. At first glance, Evan Sharpe is every inch a bona fide god amongst mortals. But at heart he’s nothing more than your typical geek. Can she really make it work with a man who pretends to be an ogre-fighting dwarf, even if he's hotter than the Roman soldiers that invade her dreams? Turns out that sometimes, falling in love is just the beginning of the romance.

Review: Geek God is a cute, quick novella about loving an opposite. On the outside, Evan doesn't look the geeky part, but he's definitely that!  He and Jillian meet and they just click. But there's so much more than geeky things like RPG type games.  Their connection is strong, but what happens in the long run? Can they make it work?

This novella is written in the heroine's POV. The writing style is smooth, full of quirky dialog and characters that grab hold of your heart and hold on. It's sweet, funny and I'm totally looking forward to the next one! Great job! If you're looking for a fun read to pass by an afternoon that'll make you smile and laugh, Geek God is it!


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