Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: Romance in Moonspell: Fire Within

Book Title: Romance in Moonspell: Fire Within by Jessica Coulter Smith  
Publisher: Changeling Press
Reviewer: Crystal

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Reika Woods is everything a fairy should be -- on the outside. But when it comes to magick, things tend to go a little bit wrong. Okay, more than a little. That doesn't stop her from wishing the man of her dreams would take notice of her, without running in the other direction. After a bit of friendly mischief calls the fire department to her home, she has her wish. Her very hunky fireman is at her beck and call. But Jax Donohue is more than just a fireman, he's a werewolf, and what Reika doesn't realize is that she's his mate -- and he will do anything to protect her


Reika Wood is a fairy and for some reason her magic doesn't always end the way she wants it to. She just doesn't understand it and every date she goes on ends up with something happening to the guy. She thinks that maybe it is her magic trying to keep her safe. She drives by the fire department and see's the sexiest man ever and just doesn't know how to go about meeting him. That is when her friend comes up with making the fire alarn go off so she can get her chance to see him again and maybe get his name.

 Jax Donohue is a werewolf and works at the fire department. He meets Reika and knows that she just might be for him. He doesn't know why she is still single. When he asks her on a date and he ends up turning into a wolf without meaning to he finds out that Reika has a problem with her magic. That doesn't stop him. The only strange thing is that someone is following Reika and also causing fires to her property.

 I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of the mystery of this story. I have enjoyed reading this book and have gotten to really like this author. I never thought about a wolf and fairy getting together. Jax seems like the kind of man that I would really love to get to know. The way the author described her characters made them come more alive. I had some great laughs and couldn't imagine a better read.


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