Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: My Highlander Cover Model

Book Title: My Highlander Cover Model (Cover Models series) by Karyn Gerrard
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Reviewer:  Crystal

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Skye Bancroft is a hard-working assistant art director at Night Moon Publishers. Dealing with the occasional spoiled and egocentric model is part of her job description. But she didn’t count on one so delusional to think he was a Scotsman from the highlands of 1814.

Cailin Thorburn is every woman’s dream—a warrior who is fierce, passionate, and wields a very large sword. Rendered unconscious during battle, he awakens in another place, time, and seemingly in another man’s body. Was it all a dream? Convincing the bonnie lass, Skye, that he is Cailin, the Highland warrior, is a daunting task.

Can an extraordinary man from another world prove he is who he claims to be? Will their attraction be enough, or is Cailin just a cover model in a kilt?


I loved the first book of this series and had to read this one to see what else this author would write. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. I will have to say that the first book was my favorite since I love vampires.

 Skye has to deal with models and Roderick just seems to be one of the worse. He is demanding and Skye tries to hide the feelings she feels for him. She wonders how in the world she can get hot for someone who acts like he does. When Skye brings in the weapon she got from an antique's store and they both touch it at the same time. Roderick seems to take on a new personality.

 Cailin can't understand how he could be getting ready to go to battle one minute and in the next in the future. He knows that he wants to get back but there is something about Skye that makes him want to stay. He just can't seem to get his mind around what happened to him in the past and if his family survived.

 I have to say that if I had to pick between the two men that Cailin would win hands down. He knows how to treat a woman and he shows his feelings. There is just something about a man in a kilt that makes a woman go weak in the knees. I like alpha males but Roderick is just a little too much with his ego. After we go to his apartment though I get to see how he really is. I have to say that I really loved the ending. I was really surprising.


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