Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Running Home

Book Title: Running Home by Kerrianne Coombes    
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing


Blurb: Tom Cane, Ex-military man and self professed recluse turned farmer, wants nothing more from life but the chance to wallow in his own pity. The shrapnel lodged permanently in his leg a daily reminder of his failings during his last tour of duty. On a cold, rainy, British evening fate delivers a new reason to live in the form of Joanne Sloane, the daughter of a socialite and abused wife of an up and coming businessman. Desperate and in fear of her life, she flees her home and stumbles onto Tom's land. Together their passions ignite and the need to rescue one another entangles them in a bitter fight for their lives.


This book has great potential, and I think if it had of been longer, it would have made  a huge difference in my response regarding the story. It starts of with a battered wife fleeing her abusive husband. She ends up at a farm where a former army man named Tom is living. Tom has his own demons inside of himself, as he was injured on duty and has a bad leg and many scars inside and out. He takes Jo into his home and their attraction is immediate; but both of them are wary of acting on their rising attraction. They both have physical scars that they are ashamed of, and they also feel unworthy of love and affection. Jo also doesn't wish to involve a noble man like Tom in her lengthy problems with her monster of a husband. When they do act on their attraction to one another, their passion ignites to extreme levels and feelings for one another start to grow.

This story has a great plot, and I strongly believe that if it was longer it would have been so much better. As it was, Tom and Jo fell for one another too fast considering all of the hang ups they had. At one point, Jo was acting like the abused wife she was (all timid, fearful, and unsure ) and then all of a sudden she turns to Tom and tells him to f*#* her! It was such a contradiction to her character, and would have been more believable towards the end of the story after she had time to grow. Tom, who was in physical agony one minute, all of a sudden was able to be intimate with her quite roughly the next. It was these contradictions that made the story a little less believable.

I feel that the author had a great idea with the story and if more time was given for character growth, it would have been an awesome story. I would for sure try a future story from this author, as I feel she has a lot to offer in the romance genre.


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