Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: A Librarian's Desire

   Book Title: A Librarian's Desire by Ava Delany
Publisher: Breathless Press

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


When an innocent preppy girl gets too drunk at his frat party, Daniel knows he has to keep her safe. Prequel to Librarian's Love.

Erica loves her studies. Library Science, the smell of history...it intoxicates her. But when she gets drunk at a frat party and reveals a bit more than she intends to in a game of Never Have I Ever, she finds her life of books and card catalogues not quite as satisfying as the handsome man whose attention she attracts.

The mousy librarian doing drunken keg stands grabs Daniel's attention from across the room. What a fascinating study in contrasts. He can't wait to discover what mysteries her drab blouse and glasses may hide. And after hearing her sexy answers during Never Have I Ever, he's more determined than ever to know her secrets before the game is done.

I found this story very enjoyable. It was a very short story but it was well written from start to end. The pace was fast from the get go but that isn't a bad thing in this case. It makes it a difficult one to put down and I feel that was likely why it was written this way. I know that I personally couldn't put it down until I had finished. The lead hero, Daniel, was just the right combination of dominant and sexy as well as being thoughtful and caring. A wonderful combination that I love to see in the stories I read. The heroine, Erica, was a combination of shy and mousy with an edge of daring and unrestrained sexuality in her. It was an unusual mix but it worked for her. I found I could relate to them both quite easily in a few ways which I shan't bore you with. The conflicts and general path of the story was great. The interaction between Daniel and Erica was pretty much glazed over for a while but at the end they sizzled together. Always a good thing to see in a story of this genre. Good solid plot line on a whole but I feel that some parts of the story could have taken longer to happen, but at the length of the story it wouldn't of been possible to delay certain activities. As I said at the start, it was incredibly well written, not a spelling or grammar error in the whole story. The way the author portrayed the story was as an onlooker. One of my preferred styles when reading if I'm honest. Secondary characters in the story were pretty much just glanced at but it was enough to get a general feel for them. All in all, as short as this story was, I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to friends.


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