Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Elsewhere

Title: Elsewhere

Author: Linda Lee Williams

Publisher: Self published

Genre: contemporary, paranormal, romance

Reviewer: Storm Goddess

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Can two remarkable people overcome supernatural forces beyond their control?
When Errol Fleming moves in across the hall from Andie McNaughton, little does she know that her life is about to take another unforeseen and perilous turn. Sweet, shy, and a bit reclusive, Andie has enough phobias to confirm that she's "crazy." A popular high-school teacher, Errol bears his own "imperfection," which makes him more sympathetic to Andie's disability. Despite the challenges their relationship faces, they decide to take a chance on each other...and the possibility of a future together.

Then Andie starts hearing a voice and dreaming about "Noah," whom she encounters on a mystical tropical island. The handsome stranger--who claims to know Andie--dismays her at first, and then fascinates her. She begins having visions of Noah and traveling in her mind to the island, where she discovers unexpected connections and a sense of inner peace. Errol's haunting dreams about the island and Noah's obsession with Andie only add to the mystery of what's happening...

Is Noah a figment of Andie's imagination? Or does he exist in an alternate reality? More important, can Errol save Andie from Noah and the idyllic world she's escaped to? Or will he lose her to her phantom lover, forever?

Review: Starting a new relationship is difficult as it is, but what happens when the obstacles are even more stacked against you?

For Errol and Andie, they both feel there are plenty of obstacles.  Neither could be described as perfect, though to each other, they are more than enough. I've got to give many, many, many (Yes, You can tell I needed to emphasize that, didn't you?) kudos to Linda Lee Williams. Writing characters with a disability, let alone making them main characters, can be a difficult talk but I feel she did it very well. Both Errol and Andie are very complex characters that I'm sure took a lot of thought and research into, especially Andie.  As a person with my own imperfections, and who tends to hide away from the world, I found myself easily relating to both of them, especially Andie.

I love her bluntness at times. it's so cute and funny and she doesn't realize how amazing she really is. But I can understand her fears. She doesn't want to drive anyone away and her worry about love is so deep it's heartbreaking.  And Errol, talk about a dedicated man. He accepts Andie for exactly who she is. he may not understand everything she goes through or says, but that man wants nothing more than to be at Andie's side through everything.

I loved reading their getting to know each other. The building relationship between them is an instant liking and throughout the book only grew stronger as they begin to give into their feelings.

Then things get really intense when Andie's dreams spiral out of control. Whew! Talk about some tension! The pages flew even faster from there!

Elsewhere is a remarkable story.  The characters are ones I won't forget anytime soon. It's unique, a nice refreshing change from some of the similar stories out there.  This isn't a story about perfect, wonderful heroes and heroines that have minor challenges, no, these are huge obstacles, and yet, it can ring true to real life too. Everyone needs love, and Linda Lee Williams shows us the trials and tribulations of a relationship through the eyes of two characters that don't, and have never had it easy.  I'm very much looking forward to more works from this author. Bravo!


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