Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Come To Me

Title: Come to Me  

Author: Genevieve Ash

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Scarlet rose

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Erotica

Heat Level: Erotic

Length: 256 Pages

Reviewer: Crystal


Blurb: Amanda Wellington is a twenty-eight year old home renovator who is still waiting for Mr. Right. Every day, she's haunted by a ghostly image that resides in her antique mirror, and each night, her dream lover strokes her aching flesh, keeping her just on the edge of release. But men like him don't exist. Or so she thinks until she wakes to find her desires have pulled him from the mirror to her bed.Is Amanda willing to pay the ultimate price--her body and soul--to free the sexy stranger from decades of loneliness?

Cameron Mackenzie--part Norse demigod and part immortal Celtic warrior--must spend eternity in the mirror unless he can find a virgin--not just any virgin--but a direct descendant of the goddess who cursed him. Women have always been a means to an end...until Amanda. This delicate mortal has the heart and the passion to set him free, but only if she can face her own demons and, quite literally, walk through the fires of hell to save him.

Amanda Wellington is a woman that has lost her father at a young age and blames herself. Now she has trust issues and doesn’t want to depend on anyone but herself. You can feel the pain that she is going through and her mixed feelings on if she is going crazy when she starts dreaming about this sexy man. She finds out that his name is Cameron Mackenzie. When she finds out who he really is, that is when all the excitement begins. You will be taking on an adventure that isn’t from this world.

This was a book that just kept taking you on more and more adventures. Made me feel like I was on a rollercoaster. So many twist and turns. That is what made it such an exciting story. I was never sure what would happen next. When I thought that Amanda couldn’t take anymore she surprised me and was up for the challenge.

This was a great heart wrenching book. Both of the characters need to get through some things that happened in the past that they blame themselves for. When family comes together and friends that you never thought they would make, believes in them and will do what they can to help them be together. I was fighting for them the whole time and hoping that things would work out. I have just been trying to figure out a way to write a review that would show how great this book is.

What I realized was that you just have to read the book for yourself. See what feelings that you get when you read this story. The plot is one that keeps your attention all the way to the very end. So I recommend this book to everyone who loves a great paranormal fantasy. This book will keep you on your toes.

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  1. Thanks for the review - this is a new to me book and author and I definitely want to check it out