Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Blogger: Genevieve Fairbrother


How do you balance working full-time in a demanding field, being a wife and mother, as well as writing?
It’s like raising children. You don’t remember how you got through the first year…but you must have because now they’re teenagers. If you have a story knocking about inside your head building up pressure something will trigger the release and it will come out. My husband unwittingly challenged me to write Eleusis by telling me he wanted to write a book and I thought "hey, I have a story I want to tell."  People ask me how I found the time. I think the time found me. The adage “if you want something done ask the busiest person you know.” This is true. I’m a full time obstetrician-gynecologist in a busy practice at the largest maternity hospital in the USA.  I have two kids and a supportive husband. I didn’t have much time but I had well formed ideas that had percolated in my brain for years and they tumbled out of me in a 6month period of time. I  spent three years revising and editing at a much slower pace. It’s like a baby, when it’s ready to deliver you’ll know and hopefully it’ll be quick and only a little painful but worth every moment.


Macy needs a break to sort out her life. Her parents are dead and now a moody trespasser has set up camp on the property she has inherited. When the stranger confesses himself to be an ageless sea-god and tells Macy she has been guarding a secret she never knew existed, her simple life takes a drastic turn. Just when she thinks it can’t get any stranger,  a back door to the Underworld opens up and it’s time to run like hell.

This fast-paced adventure romance novel explodes as the dark forces tracking Macy surface to capture her. In the transatlantic chase that follows, she learns of her forgotten past and an ancient connection to the sea-god who helps her escape.

As events challenge Macy, she must come to grips with her past, determine what she wants in life, and become a force in her own right. Family betrayal, sinister plot twists, and unlikely friends fill this exhilarating story of one woman’s journey to forge her own path as she learns her true identity.

She soon realizes that to gain real freedom and become legend, she must reject her assigned place in history and risk everything in the process.

Author Bio:

The author lives in Atlanta with her husband and two teenagers. She attended Wellesley.  

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