Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cathy Perkins: Top Ten Perks of Having an author's Mind

Top Ten List – Perks of Having an Author's Mind

  1. You get to play with imaginary friends all day, and not be called "crazy."

  1. You have an excuse to buy books. Watching movies can also be considered work.

  1. People understand when you talk to yourself.

  1. You get to research things you might not ordinarily do yourself, all in the interest of research, of course (think about it, ).

  1. You can always create an HEA for your characters.

  1. You (or the character you live vicariously through) is beautiful, curvy, popular, funny—or else they become new friends as they carry around the same baggage the rest of us do.

  1. Your characters can visit places you only dream of, you can visit those places (more research!) and/or you can make anyplace sound interesting.

  1. You can rehash any conversation, only this time you know the perfect thing to say in the moment, and not 10 minutes after the conversation ended.

  1. You get to kill and/or torture people (metaphorically, of course). People like, your day job boss, your ex-spouse, the IRS auditor, etc. At the very least, you can name the villain after the jerk who made you miserable.

  1. You're never, ever bored.

Book Description:

When Holly Price trips over a friend’s dead body while hiking, her life takes a nosedive into a world of intrigue and danger. The verdict is murder—and Holly is the prime suspect.

Of course, the fact that the infinitely sexy—and very pissed off—cop threatening to arrest her is JC Dimitrak, who just happens to be Holly’s jilted ex-fiancé, doesn’t help matters.

To protect her future, her business...and her heart...the intrepid forensic accountant must use all her considerable investigative skills to follow the money through an intricate web of shadow companies, while staying one step ahead of her ex-fiancé. She better solve the case before the real killer decides CPA stands for Certified Pain in the Ass...and the next dead body found beside the river is Holly’s.

Book Information

Title: For Love or Money
Author: Cathy Perkins
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 367 pages
Release Date: May 2013
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62266-097-1
Imprint: Suspense

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