Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Unsafe Haven

Title: Unsafe Haven

Author: Char Chaffin

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, mystery

Reviewer: Storm Goddess

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: For Kendall Martin, a remote village in Southwest Alaska seems like a good, safe place to start over. On the run from a dangerously abusive relationship, she leaves everything familiar behind and begins a new life as owner of a small souvenir and sportsman trading post in picturesque Staamat. The locals are friendly, the town welcoming, and she quickly acclimates to the slower, easier pace.

When she meets Denn Nulo, Staamat’s Chief of Police, Kendall begins to believe there truly are good men in the world. Denn is everything she wants: strong, loving, dedicated to family, protective ... and patient. Instant attraction blooms between them, but Kendall is leery of men, and Denn craves a serious relationship that includes marriage and children. Their courtship is a conflicting mix of hesitancy and passion.

As Kendall learns how to trust again and her romance with Denn grows more intense, a local woman who has had her eye on Denn for years releases a torrent of damaging jealousy ... and the nightmare from Kendall’s past discovers where she’s hidden herself.

Review:       How many times can you run and hide from your past? Each and every place has it's own secrets, and the fear of being found only grows deeper and deeper, until it finally comes....

Kendall's life is un an uproar. She's always on the go. She can't seem to get far away from her past. Thinking that a new change is in order, she heads for Alaska. A quaint little town, with very wonderful people that Kendall comes to know and even love. But the problem is that she has to come clean about her history, and hope that it hasn't followed her here, too.

Denn is the police cheif. he's got his own demons to battle. He's the guardian of his much younger sister that is going through  a hard time. She's at that awkward age and with no parents to turn to and a disease to fight, she doesn't make it easy on her brother.

The one person they both come to care for is Kendall. Denn knows she's got secrets. he can't seem to get past that wall. But sure as heck wants to. He's found someone to love, and he'll stop at nothing to keep her.

Unsafe Haven is a story of relationships. Not only a love forming between Denn and Kendall, but Kendall bonds very much with Luna, the younger sister. This could be a place Kendall could find her forever. The book is a bit slow paced at times, but the character growth is stellar! And just the right amount of suspense to keep things very interesting.

If you're a fan of contemporary romance with a touch of suspense, don't miss Unsafe Haven.  

Soul Mate Publishing

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