Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Lovers Buffet SALE!!!

Feast your eyes on this....and the best thing about it? You can dig in as much as you want without gaining the extra poundage! What am I talking about exactly?

The Book Lover's Buffet. A THREE DAY sale of over 150 authors in various romance genres! Yes! Books at just UNDER a dollar! Fill your e-readers with books galore! Try new authors, find amazing new books at a great price!

Another great thing you might enjoy? There are prizes to be won!! You can do things like share, tweet, like, and spread the word. There's an array of prizes. 

This is a great chance to find some books for your reading pleasure at a low price. And what a variety. 

Here is where you can go to see the information!

Know what else is cool? No lines! :)

Hurry on over, have fun, and happy shopping! 

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