Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: Caution: Filling is Hot

Title: Caution: Filling Is Hot

Author: Tara Mills

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Genre: Contemporary romance

Length: 218 pages

Reviewer: Storm Goddess

Review Rating: 3 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Here's a recipe to share with friends.  Take one prickly demonstration cook, handle carefully.  Add one lonely widower, slightly beaten.  Mix gently.  Fold in two eight-year-olds, one at a time to temper the batter and avoid scrambling.  Then finally, add the mother with an agenda - but just a dash because she's spicy.  Whip into stiff peaks then spread over an ungreased sheet for best results.  Method of cooking can vary however, Caution: Filling is Hot.

Piper Frost is taking a break from men when contractor Chad Thomas crashes her cooking class and turns on the charm.  His persistence annoys her but she's already melting, even without his sneaky mother and conspiring twins in the mix. But just when things are really starting to sizzle, disaster strikes.  Can Piper save her recipe for happily ever after or is it already ruined?  Grab your hot pads and find out.

REVIEW: I'll admit, I wasn't fond of Chad from the beginning. It took me awhile to get used to him. My first impressions weren't the best of him, but can I sympathise with him? Absolutely.  Sometimes, he just goes about things the wrong way. Piper is the same way, but she didn't drive me as crazy.

The issues I had with this book were a bit with the writing. I just couldn't feel the characters. Maybe that's why I had such a hard time with Chad.  The storyline itself, and the plot were fun, but it's like the characters didn't jump out at me. I loved the twins, though at times they could be brats.

Caution: Filling is hot,  a fairly cute read, and I'm glad I gave it a shot.

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