Monday, January 21, 2013

Hanging with Liza O'Connor and her characters

Nikki: Today Liza has come with her characters, Cass Davidson and Troy…

Troy: I’m not here for an interview.    

Nikki: Then why are you here?

Cass: *sighs* He’s here to protect me.

Nikki: So you aren’t going to answer any of my questions?

Troy: There’s nothing to answer. I’m Cass’ security…nothing more.

Nikki: That’s not the impression I got from watching this book trailer:

Nikki: A soul mate is far more than security.

Troy: *frowns at Liza, as if holding her responsible*

Liza: Either you explain it, or I will.

Troy: *sits down and focuses on Nikki*
What I’m about to say cannot leave this room.

Nikki: You have my words. My followers are very discreet.

Troy: *Scrubs his face with the palms of his hand.* Cass can you go sit in the closet?

Cass: What? No! I want to hear this too!

Troy: grips her hand. *For me, will you go sit in the closet.*

Cass: But…

Troy: Cass…please.

Cass: *stands up.* All right, but I’m tired of being sent to a closet every time things get interesting.

Troy: *waits until she gone and then focuses on Nikki*

Troy: To your question, while I object to the flowery terms like soulmate, Cass is very special to me. I can’t explain it…

Liza: I can.

Troy: *frowns at Liza* Yes, but I’ve agreed to this interview only because I would rather defend my feelings than to let you try.

Nikki: Troy’s got a point. Maybe you should sit in the closet with Cass.

Liza: What? No.

Nikki: Can you be quiet then?

Liza: *sighs and stands* Nope. Guess I’ll join Cass in the closet.

Troy: *waits until Liza is gone.* You are amazing.

Nikki: Thanks, but I have to ask a serious question now. Tell me why a handsome good-looking guy like you falls for a seventeen-year-old?

Troy: grimaces. I can’t blame you for your disapproving attitude. Not too happy about matters myself
Nikki: How’d it happen?

Troy: Her dad, who is my best friend, got a text saying his daughter was going to be gang-raped after school. He calls me in and asks me to hand over my day job to my second in command so I can keep his daughter safe. Honestly, after all I heard about this hellion over the years, I immediately suspected she’d sent the text herself. However, when we showed up at her school, she seemed genuinely shocked by our arrival, and the boys waiting outside the school looked all too intent upon trouble.
I expected her to be a basket case, but instead she thanks me for the assist and then tells her father how she impressed her teachers with all the studying she had done in the last month. She then declares it the best day ever.

Nikki: Is she nuts?
Troy: I wondered that myself, so I hunted her down in that ridiculous mansion they live in. I found her in the gym arguing and kicking a bag with a great deal of attitude, but not much skill. *laughs* When I ask her if I could show her better moves, she sighs and declares her secret weapon is making people laugh themselves to death.

*Troy smiles* I think that’s the moment I realized she was nothing like I’d expected her to be. By the time I left a half hour later, I knew she was, and would always be, the finest woman I’ve ever known.

Nikki: Only she’s not a woman.

Troy: No. She’s a teenager…my best friend’s daughter. *he drops his head for a moment then looks up*

I’m not a guy who falls in love at the drop of a hat. In fact, I’ve never loved anyone before. So you’ll appreciate the irony that the first and probably only woman I will ever love I can never have.

Nikki: Well, in a few years…

Troy: She’ll still be Dan’s little girl, and he’d never forgive me if I steal her chance to fall in love with a boy her own age. No. Time won’t solve this. She’s off limits. Period.

Nikki: Now I feel like crying.

Troy: *nods* See why I refuse to discuss this?

Nikki: *stands up and walks to the closet* You two can come back in.

Liza: *frowns* Troy, what did you do to Nikki?

Nikki: He didn’t do anything.

Troy: *frowns at Liza* In the future, I am not giving any more interviews. Now I need to get Cass back to a secure location. *places his hand on Cass’ back and leads her from the room*

Liza: Nikki, I’m really sorry. I never in my life thought Troy would terrify you. I thought I wrote him better than that.

Nikki: He didn’t. In fact, he’s a great guy. I’m just upset because I feel he truly loves Cass, but it’s a hopeless situation.

Liza: *rubs her back* Don’t cry. It’s not totally hopeless. I promise you, you’ll like the ending.

Nikki: But how?

Liza: Just read the book. I really am clever, you know.

Nikki: If you’re lying and I get to end only to have my heart broken, I’m hunting you down.

Liza: Fair enough. I’m sorry you didn’t get to interview Cass. She’s a delightful person, once you get beyond her hideous face, but I have a time lapse to prove with time even that improves.

Nikki: That is an improvement.
I can’t imagine what I would do if I woke up and discovered my face tattooed.

Liza: Well, one of your followers can find out if they want. All they have to do is to write in the comments I WANT TO SCARE MYSELF, SO I NEED THE TATS. Then you can select one winner to receive temporary tats just like Cass’.
Any mental health issues or heart attacks resulting from wearing these tats ARE NOT my responsibility.

Nikki: Wow, Liza, I’m speechless. This is really a terrible gift.
Liza: It is, isn’t it? The worst swag ever offered in the entire history of swagdom. But at least you aren’t crying about Troy anymore.

Nikki: Thank you for that. Now, knowing many of my readers will want …
Liza: The tats?
Nikki: No…want to read Saving Casey, here are the links:



Nikki: Thanks for coming and bringing Cass and Troy.

Liza: My pleasure. Oh, and I apologize for any graffiti that might have inexplicably appeared on your closet walls. Turns out Maniac Marketing Kitten was in my pocket.

MM kitten *pokes head from pocket* Hi!

Liza:*pushes kitten back in pocket* And bye. I had a great time...or would’ve, if I’d been allowed to hang with the adults.

Nikki: Maybe next time.


  1. Thanks for having me over! Again, sorry about the closet. Hope your readers enjoy the interview.

  2. Really fun character interview - I think I fell in love a little bit with Troy. I do have this on my to read list:)

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Maria. You are definitely in the running for those tats...given thus far no one else has entered the race. Best of Luck. Glad Saving Casey is on your list.

  3. What a sweet interview. Great job, Nikki. BTW, I don't blame you for sending Liza to the closet.

    1. Hey...I have a right to hear what my characters say.

  4. And the winner of the tats is Maria! As the only one who asked for them I didn't even need to pull names out of a bag.

    Let's all take a moment and worry about Maria's good sense of judgement. I fear it has gone on vacation.