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Victoria Adams interviews her character Julie From Dancing In Circles

Hi, I'm Victoria Adams, I write new adult (17-22) and contemporary romance. I wrote the Circles Trilogy – Book 1 – Dancing in Circles is newly released. Book 3 – Circles Interlocked was released about a year ago.
Why did I do it that way? It just happened. Circles Interlocked was published and then I decided to get the "before" story written and it just ended up being two books instead of one. When people complain I did it backwards – I just point at the Star Wars saga. We all watched episodes 4,5 and 6 and know what happens then they filmed episodes 1,2 and 3. And if you don't know what I'm talking about – that's okay – I'm married to kinda of a cool techno/scifi guy. (I even understand what the Matrix was about.) ** sigh**
Anyway, onto happier things. I brought along Julie Anderson, the heroine in Dancing in Circles.
Victoria – Come on in Julie, have a seat. Don't be nervous. Say hi.

Julie – Hi.

Victoria – Tell us a bit about yourself.

Julie – I'm Julie Ann Anderson. I live with my parents, brother and sisters in Westland. I have taken ballet lessons ever since I can remember. I'm attending Westland Private Preparatory School and may be attending college next fall.

Victoria – Do you want to be a dancer?

Julie – Yes, I'd love to. My mom says I get this goofy look on my face when I talk about dance. I'd be so happy if I could spend every day in a dance studio. Life would be perfect. But, I have to go to school and eat. And then there's Robert.

Victoria – Tell us about him. What was the first thing you thought of when you saw Robert?

Julie – OMG, he's hot. (And thank you Victoria for making him soooo gorgeous.)

Victoria – You're welcome.

Julie – I'm sitting in Bio one day and this guy walks in. I wanted every other girl in the room to sprout warts all over her face. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Then I found out he comes from North Shore and I am so embarrassed to admit I sort of didn't like him then. But we went out for lunch and he let me see his vulnerable side, not the tough guy image and I think I fell in love at that moment. It just took me a few weeks to realize it.

Victoria – What was your favourite moment with him? That isn't too personal.

Julie – That's easy – we were creating a dance and he was all tired and probably bored. He was trying to get me to go home. But I told him I want to stay because he inspired me. He told me that he'd never been anyone's inspiration before and then he kissed me. It was the way he said it and the way he kissed me. There was so much passion and heartfelt honesty – it's one of my most cherished memories.

Victoria – That's a favourite spot of mine also. I guess this is a good moment to post an excerpt and let Julie skedaddle.

Julie – This was fun. Thanks for giving a chance to talk about my favourite things – dancing and Robert.

Dancing in Circles - The story of two prep school students, one from privilege, the other from poverty and how fate threw them together while society tried to rip them apart.

Excerpt –    

Chuckling, Julie tossed the cell back into her purse. "Okay, I'm ready to dance."
She showed him different ways to lift and hold her, how to spin and catch her then she marked out some dance moves between each pose. Robert fought to keep his focus on her words and instructions and not on the sensual movements she performed or the closeness of her body when he held her in a pose.
"And we'll end with the last lift we did. Hold me for a few counts, lower me slowly and then I'll end with an arch."
He blinked, sighed and nodded.
She pressed play and began to move. When they finished, she said, "Good rehearsal. A dancer becomes involved with the music. Feel it as you move me. Don't worry about counts or beats. Just feel the passion of dancing."
Robert yawned. "Aren't you beat? I'm tired and I haven't been dancing all day."
"I'm strangely wired with energy." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "You energize me. Inspire me. My soul feels like it's going to explode if I don't move."
He leaned his face closer. "I've never been anyone's inspiration before." He kissed her. A simple kiss expressing what his soul felt, but his mouth couldn't say.
Julie stepped back, breathing deeply trying to settle the rush of emotion that his kiss exploded within her.
Her hands trembled as she picked up and dropped her mp3 player. "Ready?" Her voice cracked.
Robert shook himself and walked to the spot where he was supposed to start. Julie prepped the music then walked to her starting point and waited for the song to start.
After the few first bars, Julie abandoned herself to the music with full confidence that Robert would do his part. Knowing he was involved and focused on her, she danced her feelings and emotions for him. Through her choreography, she'd tell him she was willing to love him. As the song neared its ending, she ran to him and jumped. He caught her waist and lifted her high.
Robert held her until the music started to fade then slid her down the length of his body. As Julie's feet touched the ground, she paused to look at him. And shivered. There was an intensity in his eyes she'd never seen before. He slid his hand up her back and rested it on the back of her head. Instead of allowing Julie to arch back, he pushed her head towards his. Their lips met. Julie's body melted into his. He lowered the two of them to the ground, settling himself underneath her on the cold wood floor.
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