Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Designs on Haley

Title: Designs on Haley
Author: Nita Wick

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Genre: Contemporary romance

Length: 54.357 words

Reviewer: Nikki

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Michael Flannery is the kind of man every woman dreams of—tall, handsome, intelligent, successful, and fiercely protective of those he loves. The talented architect has two goals: become a partner at Miller Engineering and Design, and find Miss Right.

Haley Preston has two goals as well: start a new life, and learn not to be such a gullible idiot. The rich, beautiful interior designer has been duped and used. Never again. She has sold her immensely successful business in New York and moved back to Tennessee to rebuild her life.

Sexual chemistry ignites an undeniable desire the moment they meet. Haley fights her attraction, but Michael will not be dissuaded. No one will interfere with his Designs on Haley.

Will Haley's secrets tear them apart? Can Michael banish the ghosts of Haley's past? Is lust enough? Or does his blueprint for the future require true love?

Review:  Have you ever been so hurt that you run from everything? Bottle up the emotions of love and trust, keep a wall so high that no one can get in? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we don't know what to do other than run. Haley Preston had the whole world at her fingertips at one time, until a betrayal shattered everything and sent her into hiding.  Designs on Haley is a woman's journey to finding her way back to life, and love again. 

To be honest, I thought Haley was never going to trust, and open up. I understand completely the sting of a batrayal by the ones you considered close friends and loved ones, but Haley was shielding herself from everything. She kept a cold demeaner to men, ensuring that her heart stay guarded. A stubborn, but loveable man is about to change everything. When Haley meets Michael, things change, slowly but surely. Haley's desires and dreams are awakened once again. But until she faces her past, she won't be able to be set for the future.

Michael can be overbearing sometimes, but I know that he has Haley's best interests at heart. Little by little, he cracks the ice that surrounds Haley's emotions and heart. He knows which buttons to push, but he knows what she needs.  He helps Haley to become alive again, instead of just living. 

With humor, heart, and warmth, Designs on Haley delivered a heartwarming story of love. I was so happy to see Haley making a change for herself and actually allow some happiness in her life. I finished this book in just a couple of hours. The characters are very well crafted, really drawing the reader into their situations. The writing is well done, with such a passion and inspiration, not to forget the witty dialoge sprinkled throughout the pages.  

I enjoyed this book so much. Haley becomes a different woman in the course of this story, and I rooted for her the entire time. Michael brings out the best in her, and she does the same for him. If you enjoy contemporary romances, I recommend Nita Wick's Designs on Haley. I will be looking for more books by this fantastic author.  

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  1. Good review! Thanks- adding this to my book list