Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Debut authors to Watch

Are you serious? It's nearing the end of the year already? Someone tell me, quick...have we gone through a time warp?

Well, today I want to talk about some authors that have debuted this year that have really grabbed my attention. The list is in no particular order, and  I'm hoping for great year for all of the authors next year.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm going to be honest here. Some of these authors I do call my friend. But just because I'm friends with them doesn't mean I'm not being truthful about how I feel about their books.  Some of them I've become friends with because I worked with them for a blog tour, a review, or in a crit group as a writer. In fact, until this post went live, I haven't let on to any of the top ten that they were in this. It will come as a surprise to them when I send a link about this post. I don't play favorites, I just want to share with the world some of my favorite debut authors from the year, and some of them happen to be friends of mine.  I do hope if you haven't already, you check some of these books out because they really made my year. 

Thank you. 

1. Jennifer Bernard-

Hot firemen! Oh my! These scorching books are delicious, funny, and engaging! I first picked up a Jennifer Bernard book for review- The Fireman Who Loved Me. . To say that I totally enjoyed this book is an understatement! I LOVED IT! DEVOURED IT!  Then I found Hot For Fireman, and just wow!  Ms. Bernard has me hooked. There's also One Fine Fireman, which I have, but haven't read yet, and I'm looking forward to January 2013, when Sex and the Single Fireman comes out.  You want some fun, contemporary reads? Don't miss these. Seriously.

2. D'Ann Lindun.

Some of you may know that I'm also an author, and I've known of D'Ann's work long before she was published through crit groups. I was hooked back then and I wondered when she was going to get her day in the sun. Well, this year, it's finally happened! I love her contemporary western suspense stories. So full of emotion, heat, suspense, and so much more. You can tell her passions for horses through her stories.  While this year has been amazing for D'Ann, I think next year readers will be introduced to more amazing stories from her.

3. Christine Warner

Christine's debut, Some Like it in Handcuffs, a light contemporary suspense book, came out in March and it blew me away. What a fun book! I seriously had moments where I couldn't stop laughing, because of the witty humor between Sunny and Judson. These two are PERFECT for each other. This is one of those stories I can turn to again and again when i need a good comfort read, because it's bound to cheer me up.

Christine's second book out this year, Two Timing The Boss, is another sassy book. This one is contemporary and it features twin sisters that have a strong bond and leads one to go out of her way to help the other sister. With the same fun, witty charm that she had in her debut book, Christine Warner stole my heart again. My only comment for Christine is to write faster! I need another fix! :)

I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for fans of Christine Warner.

4. Brenda Dyer.

Love vampires? Some may think the genre is over saturated, but I think Brenda has a new spin on the vampire tales. Love's Prophecy came out early this year, and I can't wait to see what else Brenda has in store for her fans. She's one of the sweetest, fun authors and I'm hoping for a big year in 2013 for her.

5. Rionna Morgan

I got a request to review Rionna's debut release, The Wanting Heart, a romantic suspense novel  this year. What a story!  Suspenseful, eerie, and captivating, i stayed up far too late, but couldn't stop reading. Rionna has asecond book out, which I have for reading, and I can't wait. I think she is an author to watch if you love a good romantic suspense.

6. Molly Cannon.

I saw Ain't Misbehaving for review, and I snatched it. It sounded like a cute story, and I was right. I was intrigued by the characters, the charm, and the great plot of this story. I think the next book by Molly comes out in April of next year, but it's just so far away!  I think that Molly is going to be a sensation in the contemporary romance genre. There's something about this authors voice and style that really appeals to me. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

7. Babette James

I got to read Clear as Day through a blog tour. Wow. What a story! It's  a friends to lovers story, which always intrigue me, and it definitely delivered.  What's next for Ms. James in 2013?  I don't know, but I sure can't wait to see!

8. Margie L. Miller.

If you haven't read Ever Together, you're missing out. What a beautiful love story. Katy and Derrick are from two different worlds, but they really care for one another.  I love how the characters are portrayed, and Katy, while not perfect, and she has her flaws, really stood out.  Marie L. Miller really grabbed my attention with this book and I want to know when another book is going to be relased!

9. Kristine Cayne.

Romantic suspense, a hot actor hero....Yeah, I was sold.  I happened to see a shared post on Facebook about Kristine's debut book, Deadly Obsession and rushed to buy it.  I posted a review for it on the blog because I had to let people know how incredible this book is! Kristine has gone and released a few more books this year, and i think she's going to be one of those household names fairly soon. I see Kristine sharing various books on Facebook, so not only is she a great author, she helps to spread the word about other books, too.

10. Kristina Knight

I got to read What A Texas Girl Wants via a virtual book tour, though I had already pre ordered the book. What a fun story! Kristina has released two more books after that already. The Saint's Devilish  Deal, which is another book I read, and newly released, What a Texas Girl Needs. There's just something about books set in Texas that gets to me. Kristina's characters are well thought out, the plots are fun and exciting, and they make for some great reads. What does 2013 have in store for this fresh author?


  1. Nikki,

    I've enjoyed your wonderful website through 2012 because I've had the chance to find many new authors and books from your reviews and interviews.

    I'm honored to be mentioned with some of my favorite authors and friends here as well. I'm thrilled that my books have made you laugh out loud and remember my characters :)


  2. Nikki...I don't know what to say. Let me start with I'm thrilled and honored to be among such admirable and talented authors as you've mentioned here. LOL, I'm so excited. When I saw my name I just about cried.

    Thank you so much Nikki. And congratulations to all the other authors on Nikki's list.

    AHHHHHH, I'm shaking with excitement.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU--(wish this was in bigger letters and red, lol) It's yelling in red worthy news, hehehehehehe.

  3. Oh, Nikki! So excited and honored. Thank you!

  4. a lovely list. I'm sure these are all very talented and worthy authors.
    have a good year

  5. Good list of authors - I have read a couple of them and agree the books were very enjoyable:)
    I will be checking out the other ones you've recommended

  6. What a lovely, wonderful honor. I am so pleased to share my stories with you!!

    May you have the happiest of new years!!

    Smiles from Montana!

  7. Each author named deserves to be on this list. Congratulations to you all. May 2013 bring hungry readers to everyone.

  8. Aw, Nikki, thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm pleased as punch, as my grandma would say, to be mentioned...I've been reading your blog/interviews and reviews all year and you've already turned me on to some great new authors. Have a wonderful holiday season - and the best to you in 2013, too!

  9. I see some über-talented writers here!

  10. I've only heard of one, thanks for the list!

  11. Congratulations to those who made the list. Looks like there are some books I need to check out! There is only one in the genre I adore, and I already own her book. :)

  12. Nikki - thank you sooooo much for including me in your list. I'm very happy that you enjoyed DEADLY OBSESSION. I can only hop you'll enjoy the others as much. :)

    Happy New Year!

  13. It's fun to see so many Crimson Romance authors on this list!