Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: The Accidental Bride

Book Title:  The Accidental Bride

Author: Christina Skye

Publisher: Hqn

Genre:  Contemporary romance

Heat Level-  Spicy

Length- 380 pages

Reviewer name: Nikki

Review Rating: 4.5 Lightning Bolts

Blurb: When her friends order her to take a vacation, successful chef Jilly O'Hara is less than enthused. She may be overworked, but a trip to the mountains is not her idea of fun. Especially when she's roped into an outrageous scheme to pose as a happy bride -- all to fulfill the kindly resort owner's dreams of once again hosting a lavish wedding. But the ruggedly handsome make-believe groom may just make it tolerable….

Walker Hale has kept to himself since his return from active duty -- but the next thing he knows, he's also playing along with the wedding charade. Even this jaded loner isn't immune to Jilly's quirky charm…or her beauty. But vacations have to end sometime, and they'll soon have to decide if the feelings between them were more than pretend.

Review: Whoever thought taking a vacation from working your tail off would lead to something so amazing?  Certainly not Jilly O'Hara. But an unexpected illness has changed all that, and her friends send her off to get well.  How is that going, you wonder?  Jilly is going stir crazy, but she befriends a sweet dog and his handsome owner, plus changes the lives of many of the folks in this small Wyoming town. It's one of those places with friendly people. Sure, everyone knows your business, but they look out for one another.

Walker is known as a hero and though he doesn't want it, he gets special attention. He's a bit of a loner, isolated from the family that doesn't understand him, and dealing with the emotional and physical wounds of a war. He doesn't get to close to anyone, until Jilly warms her way into his mind and his heart.

Jilly isn't looking for love. She's just pleasing her friends and taking the break her doctors are forcing upon her. She is a workaholic, but with the life she's lived, her work is all she has. But she has so much more than that! For one, she has the best of friends, and now she has a possible love.

I loved the interaction with Jilly and Walker. Their attraction was right from the start, but because of their stubborn ways, they don't act on it until much later. Then an odd but special request is given to the two of them, and that's when things really heat up. The tension gets a little stronger here, as  now both Walker and Jilly must open up their hearts and learn about one another.

I'm loving this new book from Christina Skye! Now, it looks like it may be in a series, as I have the first book and it features one of Jilly's friends, but I didn't miss a beat from anything, so I'm sure it's fine as a stand alone.  The Accidental Bride is fun, charming and an engaging read. I enjoyed it very much!  If you're looking for a heartwarming contemporary story, try the Accidental Bride.

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  1. Thanks for the review! This sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading