Friday, November 16, 2012

Guest Blogger Terri L. Austin + Review

Hi and welcome to my blog! As part of a tour with CLP Tours, I have author Terri L. Austin here for a guest post, and I'm also sharing my review of Terri's book, Diners, Dives, and Dead Ends.

Welcome to Storm Goddess Book Reviews, Terri! Glad to have you with us today.

Thanks so much for having me on Storm Goddess today! It’s great to be here. My debut Rose Strickland Mystery, DINERS, DIVES AND DEAD ENDS, is a humorous book filled with quirky characters and a twisty whodunit.
            Rose Strickland’s Helpful Investigation Tips:
When your stoner friend asks you to hold something for safekeeping, just say no. There’s a reason he doesn’t want to be left holding the bag. Trust me—you don’t either.
When confronted by a smoking hot bad guy, try to remember he’s not on your side. And whatever you do, don’t fall for him. Even if he looks at you like you’re a double hot fudge ice cream sundae and he could eat you with a spoon. Wait, where was I? Oh right, lesson number three.
Don’t investigate on your own. Get your bestie with the wicked sense of fashion to side kick it with you. It’s more fun that way.
When on a stakeout, bring snacks. Seriously.
And last, but not least, avoid making your suspects angry. For some reason, people tend to get hostile when you question them about illegal activities. But wear comfortable shoes just in case you need to make a run for it.

As a struggling waitress and part-time college student, Rose Strickland's life is stalled in the slow lane. But when her close friend, Axton, disappears, Rose suddenly finds herself serving up more than hot coffee and flapjacks. Now she's hashing it out with sexy bad guys and scrambling to find clues in a race to save Axton before his time runs out.
With her anime-loving bestie, her septuagenarian boss, and a pair of IT wise men along for the ride, Rose discovers political corruption, illegal gambling, and shady corporations. She's gone from zero to sixty and quickly learns when you're speeding down the fast lane, it's easy to crash and burn.
Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you'll probably like them all! Diners, Dives & Dead Ends is the first book in the Rose Strickland humorous mystery series. Bonus: Includes book club discussion questions.

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Review: A light, dramatic, and fun mystery, Terri L. Austin introduces us to Rose, the heroine of this mystery. Like any other mystery heroine, Rose seems to find herself in trouble, following a mystery and getting smack dab in the middle of drama.  Ms. Austin's writing is fresh, fun, and with quirky characters, this book is a true delight. I had a blast following Rose on her ventures. This character sure has a way of making me laugh, frustrating me, and keeping my very engaged.  She's got a determination like you would not believe, and though she ends up in alot of things, she stops at nothing to get down to the bottom of it all.

Filled with lots of intrigue and laughter, I'm glad I had a chance to read this book. I love a good mystery with a heroine that's easy to love. Rose is definitely that.

If you're a fan of mystery with a quirky, strong, fun loving heroine, you've got to check out Diners, Dives, and Dead Ends.

Terri L. Austin lives in Missouri with her funny, handsome husband and a high maintenance peekapoo. She loves to hear from readers. Find her on TwitterFBTerriLAustin.comGoodreads and Henery Press. She and her writer friends have a book chat every Wednesday on Little Read Hens. Check it out and join in the conversation!

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  1. I love this book! 4 Lightening bolts yay! I have to agree with you about the funny, fresh & quirky characters. It's fun to read something different. I can't wait for her second book to come out!

  2. I loved this book as well :) Thanks for being in the tour!

  3. Thank you, Larissa and Samantha! I loved writing Rose and her gang. I'm glad readers are enjoying them as much as I did!

  4. Thanks for the review - this sounds like a book I would really enjoy