Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Blogger Lynn Cahoon

Setting loose the lake monster.

A Member of The Council’s heroine, Parris McCall, is a witch, she just doesn’t know it.  When hot, hunky Ty Wallace walks into her bar, the only thing she’s worried about is him breaking her heart.  Instead, he turns her world upside down.  So the question becomes, why witchcraft?
I’ve always been convinced there is more to the world than just the day to day routine that rules our lives. That some people carry secrets into their days like an office worker carries a briefcase.  So when Parris finds a career owning and managing The Alibi, she’s comfortable being different in a world where no one cares about her strangeness since they are too caught up in their own problems and challenges.
A Member of The Council is a classic fish out of water story.  If the fish is a thirty-two year old woman learning to be a witch and the water The Council and the world they control. As a teenager I kept wondering when my life would begin.  When would I be swept up into my real life, the one that had been waiting for me?  Reading and re-reading Lord of the Rings probably didn’t help. For me, that moment of change happened several times, the first, when I went to college. A life where I would belong and not be different.
Parris has found that life, and, she’s comfortable.  Happy even.  But if we left her alone, failed to challenge her boundaries, there wouldn’t be a story. There wouldn’t be a lake monster.  And, the best piece of writing advice I’ve ever received as an unpublished author was from my friend Joe. He’s an amazing mystery writer and photographer.  One night over coffee and chicken nuggets, he told me the secret to a great story.  There’s always a lake monster.
Conflict isn’t comfortable for me. Not in real life and not in my writing. But I’m learning to torture my characters.  Just ask Parris.
What secret do you wish you carried?  Or, if you don’t want to tell me your secret, tell me if you love or avoid conflict.

Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters to modern cowboys. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.  She blogs at her website, A Fairy Tale Life.
Lynn’s Website
Blurb - A rogue hunter, a clueless witch and a mission to save an unknowing world.

Parris McCall, owner of the dive bar, The Alibi, has finally constructed a life where her little quirks don’t show or matter to anyone. As for her grandmother's warnings that she’s different, well, she'll cross that bridge if she comes to it. But when Ty walks into her bar, both lives are instantly changed.

Ty Wallace loves his life. How could he not? He’s a powerful human lawyer by day and the Magic Council's rogue witch hunter by night. But after he agrees to substitute on his
secretary’s dart team, all hell breaks loose. Now Ty has to help Parris admit who she is before her long-lost relatives kill her.

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance


  1. The secrets we carry....
    Great post, Lynn. You always get me thinking. :)
    -R.T. Wolfe

  2. This new book sounds deliciously different from your bullrider book. What talent to write such completely different types of books. Much success.

  3. Enjoyed your post Lynn...congrats on your latest release :)

  4. Good guest post! Yeah, I think we all carry secrets. A Member of the Council sounds like a very interesting book - thanks for the information on it- I try to avoid conflict if possible.

  5. But RT - you didn't tell me a secret... LOL thanks for stopping in.

    Diane -this book is so different even bordering on romantic suspense. But I'm always writing about the same theme, finding family. Even if you have to make your own. Thanks for stopping in.

    Thanks for stopping in Christine!

    Maria, I come from a conflict filled childhood and first marriage. I HATE conflict, but that's what makes us read more. So I'm learning. Hope you try out AMOTC.

  6. Sounds like a great book, Lynn! I have to admit, it's refreshing to read about paranormal characters that aren't vampires or were-anything! Personally, I'm probably one of the most non-confrontational people you'll ever meet. When I owned my own business, I couldn't even ask people for money they owed me. (Needless to say, I didn't do well.) When it comes to my characters, though, I find torturing them sadly easy! I suppose that's where all my oppositional energies go, to my characters' worlds, not mine! Fun post. Much luck with the book!

    1. Leah, I feel your pain. I did the small business thing for a while and had the same issues.

  7. Love this!

    I'm right there with you on conflict. Don't care for it in life. But in fiction, well, that's the steam that turns the engine.

    And yup, even though we may never see it...there's always a monster in the lake. If not, why bother?

    Finally, we are long overdue for coffee and chats. Need to remedy that this month.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    1. And I just wanted to write a nice story. :) Thanks for the lesson.