Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: One Wet Summer

TITLE: One Wet Summer    

AUTHOR: Ann Montclair

PUBLISHER: Musa Publishing

GENRE: Contemporary romance

LENGTH: 62,289 words



REVIEW RATING: 4 Lightning Bolts

BLURB: Questioning her life plans and risking her heart to the hotelier and his motherless daughter weren’t on the vacationing teacher’s to do list—funny how things can change in a heartbeat.

Maura Fields loves her uncomplicated, independent, single life, but things quickly change when a summer vacation opens the door to an unexpected world of passion and desire. Wealthy Savannah hotelier Ben Driscoll had his playboy lifestyle upended when his ex-wife died, entrusting him to care for their daughter—a child he sequesters and vows to protect from future heartache and disappointment. Can the wall Ben has built around his heart withstand the assault from the intriguing, beguiling Maura, or will it crumble, leaving him vulnerable to the undeniable attraction and unbridled need to make her his own?

REVIEW: It was a summer vacation to remember....that's for sure.

Maura had no intentions of falling in love. She just needed to get away. But one man has completely gotten her smitten. He's successful, handsome, and a man with a past, but Maura can't help but be drawn to Ben, and his young, impressionable daughter. 

One Wet Summer delves into the complications of a relationship, from what was lust and desire turning into love. Ben and Maura have come along way to find what they have, and must come to terms with their feelings. 

The characters are well done, the plot moves with plenty of ease and emotion. This is a tender story that I enjoyed reading. I was very involved and invested with Ben, Maura and Jessie, and hioped that they'd find peace and comfort as a new family.  This is a great contemporary read. 

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  1. Nice review! Congrats to Ann Montclair.

  2. Thanks for the review - this sounds like a book I would enjoy reading

  3. I just found out it has a sequel, "Good Things Come in Tall Packages."

  4. Thanks so much for reviewing my book!