Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: All's Fair (It's all Greek to Me, Bk 1)

TITLE: All's Fair... (It's all Greek To Me, Bk 1)  

AUTHOR: Brenna Lyons

PUBLISHER: Silver Publishing

GENRE:  Contemporary fantasy

LENGTH: 114 pages



BLURB: All's Fair in Love and War. It better be. When a grudge match between the gods of love and war catches the next generation in their battle, sparks will fly. But they won't be sparks of anger.
Five millennia ago, Davon -- Horseman of War, son of Ares -- insulted Eros, God of Love and Lust. Young and headstrong, Eros decided to teach Davon a lesson about his own nature. Until the young horseman can embrace the god of love with affection, he will be impotent. Such a loss for his lovers.
While Davon cannot stomach the idea of embracing Eros with anything but his hands around the other man's scrawny throat, Love will eventually find a mate and produce heirs that Davon might have a chance of liking, despite their parentage. After all, it is Love's nature to do so.
When two strange men who don't show up on film save Khrystal from a mugger, her life takes a turn toward the strange. Considering the fact that her mother is a psychic who is completely besotted with her husband, a man that left them two decades earlier, saying Khrystal's life has become weirder is saying a lot.

REVIEW: What happens when the Gods Love and War collide? You get a flame that licks at your fingers as you turn the page. 

Brenna Lyons takes Greek Mythology and spins a tale of a curse gone wrong. Or at least that's what War thinks until he meets the one woman that can stop his suffering and change his fate. 

She is everything he isn't. Can complete opposites find common ground?

Love represents...kindnees, caring and purity. While War represents...rage, brutality and blood shed. But somehow they have to find a way to build a bond as mates. The curse will have it no other way.

First off I have to say the cover to this story is phenominal. This story kept me turning pages until the very end.  It is vividly written and the characters jump off the page. The chemistry between Love and War is scorching and will leave you wanting more. 

The only negative thing I would say is it was really short. I would have loved for this story to have been a full novel. But I would recomend this story to anyone that loves to read about sexy Gods. Kudos to Brenna Lyons on spinning such a sassy tale. I will be looking for more stories from this author. 

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