Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: A Little Mischief

Title: A Little Mischief                                        

Author: Amelia Grey

Genre: Historical romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Length: 318 pages


Reviewer: Laci


How can a lady avoid a scandal...

Just as Miss Isabella Winslowe is finally achieving comfortable respectability, the fascinating and decidedly unrespectable Earl of Colebrooke inconveniently appears...

When a gentleman is so determined to flirt...

The darkly handsome Daniel Colebrooke is intrigued and alarmed when an alluring young lady arrives at his door in need of assistance. In a moment of impetuosity, Daniel decides he must keep a close watch on Isabella, and what better way than to strike up a not–so–innocent fliration...

Together they'll cook up more than a little mischief when a disappearing dead body and a lascivious scandal spins their reckless game entirely out of control.

Amelia Grey's A Little Mischief was not a book I really enjoyed reading, unfortunately. I've enjoyed Grey's books in the past, but A Little Mischief felt forced and didn't have the romance that I've come to enjoy from her previous books.
The two main characters, Daniel and Isabella, were far from cordial to each other and seemed to have mood swings when they're around each other. Daniel first hates Isabella then he likes her then he hates her again, all with no apparent reason as to the cause of his feelings. He flat out blames her for his sister's predicament and actually accuses her of being the murderer and trying to pin it on Gretchen. Not something a romantic hero would do. Sure he might speculate, but he was almost downright hateful to Isabella. Isabella isn't exactly my type of heroine, either. She wants to be a homebody, doesn't want to marry, but she flirts shamelessly and dances with all the available gentlemen. It felt at times like the romance was just thrown together. It didn't grow, it just appeared.
The mystery that is supposed to be the underlying storyline is confusing in itself and doesn't really add to the story, only makes it hard to follow, in my opinion. When all is said and done about the murder, it still leaves questions unanswered.
I had a hard time reading A Little Mischief and is one of the few books that I would not recommend to anyone. I was really disappointed.

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  1. This is a reissue of a book from earlier in Ms. Grey's career - I haven't read this one but have read her newer historical romance books and enjoyed them. Styles change over time:)