Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Text Appeal

Title: Text Appeal                                              

Author: Lexi Ryan

Publisher: Lexi Ryan

Length: 197 pages

Heat Rating: Hot

Reviewer: Nikki



Charlie ‘the Devil’ Singleton is the face of professional poker. Notorious for playing cards and women, he knows when to hold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run—and he’s got skills at the poker table too. But Charlie’s ready to change his ways, and the surprisingly sexy texts he’s getting from Riley are making him want to bet everything…on her.

Riley Carter is nothing like the hotel heiresses who make the news. A girl who’s determined to run her father’s hotel empire can’t share many traits with women who fill the gossip rags. But when living in Vegas, a straight-laced life can be stifling…and ‘the Devil’ has a way of tempting even the best-behaved girls.

When Riley discovers the naughty messages on her new cell haven’t been coming from “Mr. Right” but from Charlie, she falls into a hot affair with the last man she expected. But consorting with the notorious bad boy puts her hard-won reputation on the line, and Riley must decide if the poker player is more to her than a little TEXT APPEAL.

 Las Vegas is full of glittering lights, gambling encounters, and the rich keeping their business alive. For one woman, though she's the daughter of a well known businessman, she's prepared to make her life her own. 

I liked Riley immediately. Sure, she's got a fetish for shopping. She likes to spend some money here or there, but she's not one of those spoiled heiresses, wanting everyone to wait on her hand and foot. She's ready to let her good imange go just a little bit, however. She's tried of being followed by the cameras. She's also looking to expand her horizons sexually, but with a dull boyfriend, it's not easy. 

Charlie is Riley's best friend's brother, and he has had a thing for Riley since forever. Recently running into her, he's disappointed that she's dating someone else. One little mix up has these two heating things up. Riley has some serious desicions to make. 

Text Appeal is fast paced, funny, exciting, and pleasureable. I enjoyed this story, and the twists and turns in the plot kept me surprised quite often.  I enjoyed Riley and Charlie's love blossom and unfold, and when things looked like they'd get in the way for this pair, I wanted to scream! But it's all in patience, because I knew their happy ever after couldn't be avoided. 

Ms. Ryan's story is fun and flirty. Text Appeal won't disappoint! 

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  1. The name alone drew me in to read the review. This sounds like a fun, fast and flirty read...definitely added to my tbr...thanks Nikki!!!

  2. Good review! I really like the sound of this book - sounds like a fun and light summer read.

  3. Sounds like a fun read! Nice review, Nikki!