Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Santorini Sunset

Book Title:    Santorini Sunset

Author:  Claire Croxton

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: contemporary romance

Heat Level- spicy

Length-  316 pages

Reviewer name:  Nikki

Rating- 4 Lightning Bolts 

BLURB: Caroline Clayton’s sister, Gabriella, is getting married . . . to Caroline’s former fiancé, Albert. Instead of drowning her sorrows in a vat of ice cream, Caroline recruits her sultry co-worker, Raul Sobrevilla, to be her wedding date. Showing up with Mr. Hotter Better Sexier has the desired effect. Both Gabriella and Albert are jealous and Caroline’s mother is speechless for the first time in history. Even Caroline’s dad is happy with that result.

Raul Sobrevilla hired on at Synergy so he could work with the best, Caroline. When she asks him to attend the wedding in Santorini, Greece, he sees it as an opportunity to prove to her that he’s her perfect partner both at the office and in the bedroom.

Review:  Caroline's family can be a bit  hard to handle. Overbearing. Selfish. Snobbish. Not to mention, very critical. And who is the not so lucky person to bear the brunt of those things? Caroline is.

Santorini Sunset is Caroline's story, one that has it's emotional ups and downs. Caroline's mother is very nit picky and doesn't know when to give her daughter a break (Or a compliment, for that matter)  Caroline's sister is the object of men's affection, including Caroline's ex, which the wedding for her sister and ex is front and center.   Wow. I don't know how Caroline handles some of this! I admire her for brushing if off her shoulder, but then again, she also seems like a doormat sometimes, because she allows them to step all over her. I know it's her family and all, but there comes a point where enough is enough!

To keep her mother and sister off her back, Caroline's co-worker goes with her accidental plan to have him pose as her boyfriend through the even. Raul sure doesn't know what he's getting into, but thank goodness he stands up for Caroline in quite a few situations. He is really good for her, and I was glad to read their love story unfolding. Caroline needs someone great by her side, and Raul is that man.

The writing is great, the events in the book really create quite a bit of tension and conflict. I was so happy when Caroline finally stood up for herself, and people started realizing what she goes through.

Santorini Sunset is both emotional and funny. Other than the frustration that grew in me about how Caroline was treated and the way she allowed to be walked all over,, I enjoyed this story

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  1. Sounds like a good read....love the cover!

  2. I like the sound of this book. Family, marriage to a former fiancé, drama and hopefully a lot of tension- which is what I love. Thanks!!

  3. Her mother sounds like my mother. Great review and I love the family dynamics.


  4. Great review! I really like the sound of this book

  5. Sounds like a great story to read! With a family like that and a hot date like Raoul, things could get pretty interesting.