Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Downsizing

Title: Downsizing

Author: W. Soliman

Length: 266 Pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Musa Publishing


Reviewer: Melinda

BLURB: Maxine Small is invisible in a crowded room because no one can see through all the extraneous layers of fat to the sensitive girl lurking beneath. No one except local heartthrob Noah Fenwick. But he too lets her down when he ups and marries Maxine’s best friend—he pretty, skinny best friend whom he always pretended to hate.

Maxine runs away to university and doesn’t see Noah again for ten years. Slim now, she returns to her home town as a successful lawyer, hoping to lay the ghost that’s Noah to rest. 

With three children, Noah is trapped in a loveless marriage with no escape clause. Drawn toward him as strongly as ever, Maxine learns the true reasons behind his marriage to Cassie but, with the children being used as human bargaining tools, there’s nothing Noah and Maxine can do about their feelings, is there?

Maxine Small is everybody's friend and everybody likes her. The problem is that Max doesn’t like herself. You see, Max all her life has been.. well, fat. She knows people around her befriend her because they feel sorry for her. Noah Fenwick treats her like she is his woman even though people say he feels sorry for her. Max has no idea why their friendship has to change but being with Noah is making her feel anything is possible including love. She knows Noah is the one for her but her weight keeps popping up in her mind. Can she just run away from Noah when news about him destroys her?
For years Noah Fenwick has been searching for his best friend. Unlike other guys who had guy friends he had Maxine Small. Max is the only girl and best friend who really knew him. All the other people including Cassie never treated him differently. The friendship they had was more to him and thought also for Max. Yet now seeing her again and seeing the sham of a marriage he is in is making him hope for the possibilities of yet to come. Max is and has always been the one for him even now. Can he just runaway from his responsibilities for a second chance with Max?
This is the first I have read from W. Soliman and have to say it blew my mind away. First of all I have to say Max is definitely now your average fat girl in a book. No, instead this is a young girl who not only matures into a beautiful woman but finally learns to be well just herself. Noah is everything a girl like Max will dream of in a boyfriend but shy in knowing his feelings for real. These two have a bond that is more than just friendship. W. Soliman created two characters that are not only in tune with one another but their lives complete one another in every way. This is definitely a book worth getting for their romance, passion and most of a friendship that goes throughout the years getting stronger than ever.

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  1. Interesting premise, thanks for sharing your review so that we could learn more.

  2. What a sweet sounding story! I will definitely check this out. Love the cute cover too. Thanks!

  3. I must have those shoes on the cover! LOL! Great review, too.


  4. Good review! I could never wear the shoes on the cover...lol

  5. Nikki ~ Great review. I like that Max is not your average girl ... and I am intrigued because you said the book blew you away! Will check it out :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren, but to clarify- this wasn't my review. My reviewer, Melinda, read and reviewed this :)