Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dreaming Montana Review

Hello, and welcome! I'm glad you stopped by today. As part of a virtual blog tour, I'm reviewing Dreaming Montana, by Kim Nathan. I hope you enjoy the post, and please, feel free to leave a comment, letting us know you stopped by. 

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In a single day, Cara Gallagher experiences an erotic dream about a man she doesn’t know and has a premonition of her identical twin—at the exact moment her sister dies in a car accident.  To escape her grief and a loveless marriage, Cara accepts a temporary job reassignment in Seattle, where she continues to have sensuous dreams of the unknown man. There she encounters an angel who claims to be sent by her dead sister to help her find the man in her dreams. Meanwhile, photographer Jay Amiens sees angel wings on his film and has recurring intimate dreams about a woman he doesn’t know—but would love to meet in person.  Set in 1993, Dreaming Montana invokes the spirit of Seattle at the height of the grunge era, with the city as the backdrop for Cara and Jay to potentially cross paths.

Short Excerpt:

Here she was back in Seattle, and the whole city lay before her like a giant maze. All she wanted to do was run to the center of it, where she would find him. Now she kept her head up when she walked, searching the faces of people passing by, looking for him everywhere in the crowd. Among the flower stalls at Pike Place Market, while she paused to admire the fresh bouquets, she wondered if he rambled these same aisles. She would see him; she had to believe that now. He was here somewhere, waiting for her. At any moment, she could meet him. Until then, she would walk the same city, breathe the same air, see the same stars in the same sky as he did. And she would wait.”


Review:  Cara is ready for a change. She's recently had a tragic loss in her life, she's struggling with a marriage, and things for her aren't so hot. A change is coming, when she has the chance to travel to another city for her job.

Cara's character isn't three dimensional. We know she's going through a lot, but the actual feeling of those emotions isn't portrayed as well. There wasn't a lot of character development here, and it was hard for me to feel the emotions that Cara had because of it.  

The writing itself is good, the story had a decent flow with some great narrative and dialogue. I had some anticipation of what was going to happen, which is what kept me turning the pages.  The story concept is intriguing, but it felt like it lagged. 

Jay, the hero, seemed to have his own shattered past. The book changed from Cara to jay's point of view, but their actual meeting didn't take place until very much later in the story.

Overall, the story was good. I like the author's voice, and will look for other titles from her in the future. 

Kim Nathan is an American author of historical and contemporary romance fiction. Her first novel was Sterling Redmond, a historical romance. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, she relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1994, where she lives with her husband and cats.  



  1. Thanks for the review. I like the sound of this book- a marriage in trouble. The excerpt was great! I wanted more of it!

  2. Loved the short except! Good review too:)