Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Shadow of the Tiamat

TITLE: Shadow of the Tiamat                                                          
AUTHOR: Sean Poindexter

BOOK SERIES (if available): Dragons Blood Chronicles Book 1

PUBLISHER: Crescent Moon Press

GENRE: Fantasy




I like the fact that this is not your typical were-vamp novel. Author Sean T. Poindexter does a great job bringing dragons into the paranormal genre. I am looking forward to seeing where he plans on going with his ideas.
Garrett Terago and Megan Crunk, two unique individuals thrust together after a near-tragic collision. Megan is a Joplin, Missouri, social worker, there's a recurrent head lice case in the nearby town of Scottish that she needs to follow up on. After a run in with the local Sherriff, Megan is a bit off and runs her car into motorcyclist Garrett. Garrett pulls Megan from her car and becomes knight is shining armor. Garrett is more than meets the eye. He hot, he has money and cars. He is also a Dragon.
This book is everything that I like to read all rolled into one! An urban fantasy, mystery, paranormal, erotic romance and thriller with graphic fight scenes painted in vivid name it, this book has it all. From fire breathing dragons, to vampires who are made of everything evil and everything a vampire should be, to magic and sorcery. The book is a page turner with action around the corner. You will not want to put this book down. However, when you finish you will want the next book right away. Sadly we have to wait for it to be written.
Everything came together nicely in this book. The storyline is amusing and original, the hero/heroine are both strong and sexy (and fit so well together). The secondary characters are very likeable and full of personality. The whit, humor and passion are written into these characters are wonderful to this story.
A wonderful start to a series and a very good debut novel.

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  1. Good review! This sounds like a really good book