Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Blues Promotion June 25th

Hi! *Waves* Welcome back! Is anyone ready to share some excerpts?

Some of you know this game, but let's share the rules for those that are new or just needing a refresher.

Each Monday, I provide a theme/topic, and authors get to promote an excerpt from any of their releases. Just put the title, author and a buy link, or a website, some way for readers to find your book or find you, if your book isn't quite out yet.

So, for today's theme:

Something worth fighting for.

C'mon, I'm sure you've got a scene with that type of theme. Fighting for their life, fighting for a right, fighting for....well, you get the idea.

Excerpts shouldn't be more than 750 words or so.

Share, share, share! tell others about this! The more visits, the better!

Have fun, and can't wait to see some excerpts!


  1. This scene is taken from my novel Love's Prophecy

    Awe and confusion clouded the hellion's red eyes. “What makes you so special that he'd trade his life for yours?” She turned to Mel and then back to Breeana. Eventually, she cursed and shoved Breeana in Kal's direction. “Take this garbage before I change my mind.”

    Kal caught her. Breeana jerked in his grasp. She clawed at his arms, trying to break free.

    “Take her and leave, quickly,” Mel said.

    “Noooo,” Breeana shrieked. “Don't—” Kal scooped her up and held her against his chest. She punched and kicked. “Mel, please, I won't leave without you.”

    “Go—hurry,” he shouted. He caught Breeana's pleading stare and whispered, “I love you.”

    Kal bolted toward the entrance as Mel stared after them. Breeana reached an arm around Kal's back, her eyes wild with terror, then they were gone. Her screams and prayers echoed back. “Oh God, please help us! Don't let them take him from me—Nooo—”

    Mel faced the demons and crouched. He slipped his finger out of the pin and curled the grenade in his fist for later use. He had no hope of winning; he just needed to buy some time for Kal and Breeana to make it out. “You want me, come and get me.”

    Demons rushed him.

    He spread his arms wide and charged, using his weight and momentum to mow through the line. He took three down with him. Landing face down on top of one, he sank his fangs into its throat. Vile blood that tasted like rotten meat filled his mouth. The demon roared. Jerking his head, Mel tore a chuck of flesh free and spat it out. The creature's screams turned to gurgles and hisses, as air and blood escaped from the gaping hole.

    “Get the bastard,” the she-demon screamed. “But don't kill him, I want him alive. I want him to suffer in ways he never thought possible.”

    A hand gripped Mel by the back of his coat and hoisted him up. Without pausing, he spun and swung his fist at the sneering face. It connected with a solid thunk, dislocating the jaw, which dangled off to one side. Garbled sounds belched from its open mouth. The demon faltered, its arms pinwheeling before it fell.

  2. Ok, here you go. This is from my Regency romance, The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh.
    Anna raised the poker again. Percy scrambled to his feet and fled out the still open door, into Rutherford, who grabbed Percy and drove his fist into the sapskull’s face. There was a satisfying crunch and blood shot out from Percy’s nose.
    “Go anywhere near her again, Blanchard, and I’ll kill you,” Rutherford growled as he punched him in stomach. A whoosh of air left Percy and he fell to the ground. But instead of staying down, like a sensible man, he got up and did what Anna thought had to be the stupidest thing he could have done. He spoke.
    “I’ll be here when you’re done with her...”
    Rutherford hit him again. This time Percy lay on the ground, moaning. Still furious, Sebastian untied Percy’s horse and wacked him on his rump. “You can walk home.”
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  3. Here's a bit from my contemporary romance, CLEAR AS DAY, available in ebook and print at The Wild Rose Press: and

    How little he really knew about this woman he loved staggered him. Together, they’d always been so in sync, in bed and out. They’d talked so easily online over the years while apart. He was such a fool. Everything had been so easy. He’d never thought.

    For a moment, a blind rush of anger punched through him. He wasn’t much for using his fists, subscribing to the lover, not a fighter theory of life, but he’d happily beat the crap out of the asshole who’d hurt her and left her so damned skittish and sad.

    With no clue what else to do, he caught her hand and gathered her close. She tensed, but he just wrapped his arms loosely around her, enough to hold her where he needed her. A long knife-edged moment, and then with a nod, she slid her arms around his waist and rested her head against his shoulder.

    “I swear you can talk to me, Kay. No matter what the problem.” Please, let that be true. He stroked his hand over her hair, nuzzled her cheek, and brushed a kiss to her forehead. “Like always. Anything. Anytime. Talk to me.” She sighed and, little by little, with each breath, relaxed against him.

    So how did he go about convincing Kay, heck, coercing her, into admitting she loved him like he knew she did? Damn it, he knew she did. How did he dig out and fix what hurt her? Twelve days, he only had twelve days.

    And what the hell are you going to do if you fail?

    No. He couldn’t deal with that thought right now. No wasn’t an option.

  4. This is from my novel - The Pirate Princess. Petra is trying to save Charlee from a flooding cave during a sea storm. She's not one to trust men-- but Peta is worthy.

    The water continued to rise, and there was precious little room for breath between the thrashing ebb and flow. Reaching out, he tried to grab her but couldn't touch her outstretched hand and keep hold of the rope. Five long feet stretched between the end of the line and where she clung. When the water receded, he found her face. "Let go of the rock and grab hold of my hand."

    She shook her head. "I can’t."

    "Yes, you can."

    Shivers wracked her body and her teeth rattled. The next wave hit. It slammed them against the top of the inlet, knocking the breath from him.

    Petra reached out for Charlee with one arm and held to the rope with the other. The water fled again. They both gasped for breath.

    "Damnation. Charlee, let go of the rock, or we’ll both die here."

    She shook her head violently.

    He captured her gaze and spoke in a deep tone that carried over the storm, "Trust me. You have to let go. Grab hold of my hand. I won’t let you be swept away."

    The struggle played across her face.

    He stared into her eyes. "After the next wave."

    Finally, her face pinched in revelation and she nodded.

    The surge knocked them upward again. Her grip slipped, and he almost dropped the rope to get her.

    When the tumult receded, he stared at her, coaxing with his eyes and infusing her with his promise. He would not let her drown.

    A cry of anguish tore from her lips. She released her hold to grab for him. Petra clamped down on her arm just as the next wave hit.

    He held her with all the strength he could gather.

    And he didn't let go.

    And if you like a little inspiration with your snippetts --

  5. Loved everyone's excerpts. I even have one today. Mine's from my WIP.. so it still has issues. :) After an attack on their camp, Arabella found herself grabbed by the enemy, and Calum's a bit angry.

    Calum narrowed his eyes and spoke with deadly calm. “Release the woman, now.”
    The bastard sneered. “My lord is paying well for this one’s return.” He trailed a bold hand down her chest. “Seems he misses his little dove.”
    His fists clenched at his sides, Calum growled low in his throat as he repressed the impulse to lunge at the man, while Arabella released an affronted sound of rage. For the first time since he crossed the camp, he shifted his attention to her.
    Her eyes glittered with fury and locked on his, at once. Her face burned scarlet with her anger. She snaked her hand to her waist and the dagger sheathed there. Those green eyes silently beseeched him to follow her lead.
    He gritted his teeth to halt the shouted denial that had worked its way up his throat. Calum aimed his fiercest glare at her, and the woman dismissed him by closing her eyes. He was going to wring her neck when he got a hold of her. She left him with little choice but to follow her foolish plan.
    Arabella reopened her eyes, searing him with emerald fire. He unclenched his fist and allowed his hands rest along his thighs. Suddenly, she grasped her dagger and stomped her captor’s foot. Her arm arced upward and she embedded the blade in the man’s throat. At once, she ripped free of the man’s hold and threw herself to the ground. Calum snatched his sgian-dubh sheathed along his inner arm and sent the weapon hurling through the air. The blade found its intended target, buried deep in the second man’s chest. He fell to the ground, eyes wide with shock.

  6. Here's a short excerpt from my recent release, Revealing Hamilton, in regards to something worth fighting for:

    Rage churned inside of me. All of the pent up frustration and anger I’d held back was at its breaking point. I walked with determination up to Nick and gave him all of the aggression I had, hitting left and then right, using my body for leverage. The meaty smack of the punching gloves against the mitts drove me forward, forcing Nick backwards across the room. With each hit, I hit harder and faster until I struggled for air.
    “Where is this coming from, Amelia?” Nick blocked another blow. “This is great.”
    I didn’t reply. I continued until Nick was pressed up against a wall as I alternated punches.
    “That’s enough for now,” Nick said.
    I couldn’t stop. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead, stinging my eyes. With each movement, a tiny percentage of the hostility within me became satisfied.
    “Amelia, what has gotten into you?”
    I let my arms dangle at my sides. “When are you going to teach me something useful, Nick?”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Snowballs and pushups aren’t going to keep Marius from killing me.” I gritted my teeth and aimed for his face.
    He blocked the movement with his forearm.
    “Why don’t you teach me how to break off someone’s xiphoid bone?” I pushed a lock of hair from my face.
    “Amelia, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “Come on, Nick. I know your memory isn’t that poor. I saw you in the torture chamber with Xavier. I know you tied him down and left him there overnight,” I punched. “And I haven’t touched you since, so I couldn’t have seen it inside your head. Think about it. I. Was. There.” :)