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J. S. Turner Spotlight

Book Description:
On earth, life for Dawn Chitoe had been cruel. Although she was strong in her faith, her future looked grim. She found her blessings to be painfully short and too few in between. Until one day, a beautiful baby boy, Josiah, miraculously came into her world.
Just when Dawn felt her troubles had vanished, she found herself the victim of a brutal murder. With Josiah cradled in her arms, she embarked on an adventure through the realm between Heaven and Hell. Along the way she finds friends, love, and the truth about religion and faith.

“Urg,” came a noise from beside her.  Bancroft was trying to sit up.  Shirtless, his round, white belly wasn’t floppy, but one firm mass.  When he saw that Dawn was looking at it, he smacked it a couple of times.  “Ha, ha.  You wanna feel how rock hard this is?”
            “Um,” Dawn started laughing, “no thanks.” 
            As she looked away to avoid taking in anymore of Bancroft’s belly, she spotted a couple giggling under an oak tree.  The man was holding his skinny, long-legged woman in his thick arms.  Dawn was sure he was singing his blonde love a sweet ballad, but she could only imagine the tune.  She continued to stare at them.  How perfectly content they seemed, lying in each other’s arms.  How good it must feel to be held.  She breathed an envious sigh and thought of Kale, how his hands seemed to mesh perfectly in hers, how comfortable she was in his embrace.
            “Oh,” Bancroft broke in, putting his shirt back on.  “Sheila and Ogre.  Those two love birds.”  Bancroft was now sitting up smiling.  “If anyone ever loved anyone, it’s those two.  Some people are lucky when they come into this realm,” he said as he slipped his hairless arm into one of his blue suspenders.  “They have their family waiting for them, greeting them, bringing them here or there or wherever home is.”
            “They don’t talk,” Dawn noticed.
            “They don’t need to.  They are soul mates.”  He reached behind himself for his flannel shirt; his fingers fumbled for his pipe.  “When Orge passed, he waited five years in the same spot.  He never moved; he just waited.”  Bancroft told the story as though it were a well-known fable.  He paused as he lit his pipe.  “He sat on a rock over by the cliffs,” he puffed, “over by where we found you.”  He puffed again.  “He was like a gargoyle on that cliff.  He waited for her, unable to move without her.  It was as though he had died.  We were afraid he would turn to a sliver with no interaction.  But he didn’t. 
            “Then one day, before sunset, she came to the realm.”  He was no longer looking at the couple; he had propped himself on his elbow and watched as his smoke rose through the shade.  “She knew where he was and he knew she was coming.  She came like an angel.  She floated to the big teddy bear and held him.  They sat there for three months, on the edge of that cliff, just holding each other.  Never speaking, never moving.  Then one day she got up and held out her hand.”  Bancroft exhaled, “That was the first time he had moved in five years.”
            “So that’s what love is?”  

Author Statement: 
I was 25 years old before I figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. I am not sure why it took me so long to take my love for writing seriously. After all, I have been at it for as long as I can remember. I remember the day I received my first journal and how great it felt to have someone finally understand me!  I have a desk full of binders and folders packed with the beginnings of stories, ideas and tidbits. Writing is who I am.  I guess the idea of doing what you love was a foreign concept 
to me, but not anymore!  ~Jessi


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  1. A very interesting excerpt thank you. I certainly am eager to know more. LOVE the cover too.

    FB: Mary Preston