Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Triptych Review

Blurb: Both Miranda Cabot and her sister Honor prefer their solitude to romance, Miranda having watched her husband die in flames on the Potomac River rocks called the Three Sisters. Not so the youngest, Sybil, who invites a mysterious Frenchman calling himself the Chevalier du bon Arnaque to stay with them in their mansion overlooking the Sisters.
Misgivings about the stranger’s intentions lead Miranda and Honor to ask their neighbors Dieter Heiliger and his grandson Corey to chaperone. Three beautiful, strong-willed women living in a house with three handsome, virile men results inevitably in an intricate web of jealousy, sex, and intrigue. Add in long-lost master artworks, stolen prototypes and a resident genius and you have a recipe for romance. Who will end up with whom, and will the Three Sisters take another life as the legend calls for?
My thoughts:

Though the book had a bit of a slow beginning, once I got into the story, the characters and plot blended swiftly to craft an intriguing mystery and had a few subplots that ended with some romance.

I enjoyed the main characters- three sisters. They have their differences and their similarities, and their characters each left their mark in the story. Many times, Sybil drove me crazy. Sometimes she acts like such a spoiled brat. Out of the three, I'd have to say Miranda is my favorite sister.

M.S. Spencer's intriguing tale of romance and suspense keeps the reader on their toes with twists and turns. You can expect the unexpected. 

Triptych is available through Secret Cravings Publishing, and Amazon. 

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  1. great review, I will have to add it to my MOUNT TBR =)

  2. Dang, I really like the way you review books.

    This really got my attention:...and will the Three Sisters take another life as the legend calls for?

  3. Hi Nikki - Is Triptych a romance? I enjoyed your review very much.

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

    Brenda, that was in the blurb, I didn't write that part, but it is catchy isn't it?

    @Sheri- Yes, it's a romance!

  5. Very nice review! I'm adding this to my list too

  6. Interesting review Nikki...sounds like an intriguing read :) Like Brenda mentioned, it'll be fun to see if the Three Sisters takes another life. hmmmm....

  7. Nice review. It sounds very intriguing.

  8. Wow, Nikki, can you write a review or what? Thanks for everything! M. S. Spencer