Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favorite Books read this year

It's the end of a year once again.  I hope next year for the blog to take off and really pick up.

Today I wanted to share my list of favorite books read that came out this year.  Now, this list is not in any particular order. And it's hard to pick just a few that stood out. I read 314 books this year! That's a record for me, but with all the reviewing I do, I guess it really adds up. lol.

1. Already Home- Susan Mallery.

I'm a longtime fan of this author, and Already Home was another winner! This one is a bit more of a general women's fiction than romance, but still wonderful nonetheless. There were moments that made me laugh and cry, and yes, this book totally tugged on my heartstrings. It's on my keeper shelf and I tell as many people about it as I can. 

2. How Sweet It Is by Sophie Gunn.

I am in dire need of more Sophie Gunn books!  Talk about another tugging on heartstrings kind of book? This is another.  I love how this book doesn't just focus on a romance, but focuses on relationships of other kinds as well. The characters were crafted so well, and the story grabbed me instantly. This was a sit down and read in one sitting book.  There was another by this author, Sweet Kiss of Summer, and I'm hoping for more books soon.

3.  The Restorer by Amanda Stevens.

This isn't a mainstream romance either, but The Restorer gave me chills and goosebumps. It's no secret I love a good book involving ghosts, and this one really kept me at the edge of my seat. I made the mistake of reading it late at night and I tell you, every bump and thump I heard made my heart beat faster!

This looks to be the first in a series and I can't wait to read what else is in store for Amelia Gray.

                                            4. Sex and Key Lime Pie by Kat Atalla
This is a hidden gem. It's a contemporary romance involving second chances.  Luc and Cheyanne have a past, and it takes Cheyanne coming back  to realize feelings haven't changed. But secrets will be discovered, and the sparks will fly.  This is published by The Wild Rose Press, and I don't think this book gets enough attention. This was a first time read by Kat Atalla for me, but I can't wait for more.  Sex and Key Lime Pie is an emotional book, filled with some hot love scenes and plenty of tension.

                               5. Seaborne by Katherine Irons

Seaborne seriously blew me away. It's a paranormal romance with mers, and I'm always on the look out for books like that.  Clare is an injured woman, and she's gone to stay somewhere to heal. When she's with  Morgan, her emotions are heightened and she is free. Add in some suspense, this book really kept and held my interest.  Katherine Irons is an author to keep and eye on in my opinion.

                                              6. Black Ties & Lullabies By Jane Graves.
                                                            A funny romantic comedy about two opposite people and a choice they made that ties them together. Now if only they could get along and stop driving each other crazy.
I was ecstatic to see that Jane Graves had new releases this year, and Black Ties and Lullabies didn't disappoint. I've told friends about this one and put it in their hands and told them "Buy it, buy it!" They did,. Bernadette and Jason were a great couple to read about, and their story won't be forgotten soon.

                   7.  Georgia on My Mind By Marie Force

                   In all honesty, it's hard to pick one Marie Force book that stood above all the rest. Georgia on My Mind features Georgie, and her two roommates. I loved how the author integrated three romances into one book.  Marie Force's books keep the reader entertained and it's hard to put down the books until they are done. Marie has quickly become an auto buy for me.

                       8.         After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

                     Yet another book that was riveting and excellent. Isabeau and Noah's story  captivated me.  I'd never read a book by Sarah Grimm before, and I won't hesitate to pick up another with this author's name on it. Talk about a tortured heroine? Isabeau is definitely that. She lives in her past and hides away from love, she keeps her wall up high. It takes a strong man like Noah to slowly break through the barriers and send that wall tumbling.

                                       9.  Veiled Mirror By Frankie Robertson

                      One of the best romantic suspense books I've read this year!  It's a story of secrets, lies and murder.  A woman takes her sister's identity after her death to find the killer. Her sister believed someone wanted her dead.  What a book with twists and turns. This is another published through The Wild Rose Press. I really enjoy many books from this publisher. I can't wait to see if this author comes up with more romantic suspense novels.

                   10.       Restless Heart by Wynonna Judd

                      Yes, I was insanely curious about this book. Wynonna is a longtime well known country singer, from when she sang in the duo The Judds, to her solo career. When I heard she would be releasing a debut fiction novel, I wasn't sure what to think. But I got a copy of Restless Heart and enjoyed it. The book features a small town girl named Destiny, and she wants to make it big in Nashville.  The story focuses on her struggles to get to stardom, and the relationships between Destiny and members of her family. Wynonna  Judd uses her knowledge of the music industry to make the book realistic.

And a book I anticipated about that turned out to be a bust?

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten years later.

I admit, I was a Sweet Valley fan girl when I was a teenager. I lived for the drama, the angst, the love of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. They're kind of iconic to me. I followed them from Sweet Valley Kids, all the way up to Sweet Valley University.  I couldn't wait to see what happens when they're adults.

The book did not live up to it's hype. There were too many flashbacks to times before. Not all of the characters were even mentioned. I was surprised at many of the lives they lead. It just didn't seem very well put together. I'd have rather that book not even come out so I could have thought up a better ending.

I hope you all had a great year, and that you read many wonderful books. I'm looking forward to what the new year has in store.

Until next YEAR,

Storm Goddess


  1. Loved the post. A great one to end 2011 with. And, I subscribed to your blog so will get updates. 314 books is impressive. Are you on Goodreads?

  2. I am on GoodReads, but I really keep forgetting to update it, lol. Thanks for commenting and subscribing! Happy New Year!

  3. Great picks Nikki...there are many that I will have to but on my TBR List!! I swear it gets longer everyday!! Wishing you a year filled with peace and love!! Happy 2012!!

  4. Isn't that the truth!! I will never get my TBR pile down because I read a bunch, but add twice as much lol! Happy new year and look forward to 2012!

  5. Great picks! I have read several of these books and really liked them, and I agree...more Sophie Gunn books!

  6. Holy cow, batman! You read 314 books this last year??? Wow!

    I went through your list of favs and I now have four more books added to my TBR pile. LOL, the way it keeps growing, I may just read 314 books in 2012.

  7. Thanks for Stopping by Maria! I'm glad someone agrees about Sophie Gunn! Lol, let's hope for more in 2012. Happy New Year!

    @Brenda....Yes, I read that many books this last year. After six years of keeping track of reads, I've finally met my goal.

    Next year I'll scale it back because I'm really going to focus on writing, especially if Little Man gets accepted into a preschool in March. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Oh, and what did you add to your TBR pile LOL?

  9. I added: Already Home by Susan Mallery. Seaborne by Katherine Irons. Black Ties and Lullabies by Jane Graves. After Midnight by Sarah Grimm--not only do I like the premise, but I love her last name, hehehehe.

  10. LOL. Well, I hope you enjoy what you added :) Book Pimp strikes again! :)