Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Vigilant

Blurb: Where do the mortals fit in the war between the angels and demons?

One surviving hijacker is charged with the murders of a hundred citizens.
One cop sees her innocence.

     Alliance I-Marshal Weber hauls Yadira to her home planet and infiltrates the human-trafficking ring controlling her. But he finds himself unbearably attracted to his witness. A gift for detecting deception reveals she's the next victim of a criminal industry.

     Descending into shadowy worlds of slavery, Yadira endures a dark angel stalking her dreams and watches the quiet I-Marshal become dangerous in her defense. Everything about him moves her...except the memory of seeing him execute the most important man in her life. Shouldn't she take vengeance? Delusions of a heavenly guardian affect her mind.

     Slavers and demons plan to snatch her from Weber's custody while he is uncovering connections, and Weber won't hesitate to execute the guilty surrounding Yadira. Who but a son of fire can save her from fiends harboring hardcore fantasies of harming her?

Note: This book contains adult language used as profanity. Because criminals say naughty words.

Vigilant is a part of the series I-Marshal Stories. Look for them.

My Thoughts: 

Worldbuilding is a process that isn't as easy as one may think. And for this book, the worldbuilding was amazing! Set in the future, Michele Hart creates a fun, imaginative story in Vigilant.  Readers are sure to be wowed with this non-stop action, edge of the seat never knowing what's going to happen next. 

I haven't read many sci-fi romance books before, and I'm wondering why not!  This book was a treat, and absolute blast for me, and I enjoyed it. There are plenty of mixed genres within this book. I-Marshall Weber and Yadira are interesting, intriguing, and they make a great team in this action packed thrill ride.

Readers, take note of this book, in fact, take note of this author. Michele Hart writes a wild ride that you shouldn't miss! 

To learn more about  Michele Hart, here is the website- And what a catchy website it is!!

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  1. Nice review Nikki. I haven't read many sci-fi romances either, but your comments urge me to give them a try. Thanks :)

  2. I agree. Nice review, Nikki. I read this book a while ago and was also blown away by the action and the characters. Another I-Marshall book is coming out soon, Gangbusters, and I'm ready to read that too. Thanks, Michele Hart!


  3. Wow! Wonderful review, but I'm not surprised. Michele Hart has a magical talent for weaving an edge-of-your-seat tale. :)