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Guest Blogger Elysa Hendricks!

Please welcome Elysa Hendricks to Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More. Elysa is kind enough to stop by this new blog to share a few words! Below Elysa's blog will be some information about where you can find this author. Elysa, you now have the floor! (or in this case, the blog spotlight, lol)


In "real" life boring is good. Excitement is vastly overrated.
In "real" life excitement usually means injured or sick children, ailing senior parents, lost jobs, broken down cars, empty bank accounts and household repairs.
I'm not an adventurous person. I'm not a coordinated person. I can't dance. I can't sing. I can't ride a bike, forget a motorcycle. I tried riding a motor scooter once. Ended up in a ditch. When my friends convinced me to try again I managed to fall off the danged thing. So I don't like taking risks. They usually result in bruises and blood, and the sight of blood makes me queasy. I prefer my "real" life to be a lovely shade of boring beige with just a few sprinkles of pastel excitement - visiting with friends and family, dinner out, a movie, a vacation at a quiet beach.
That's why I adore books, both reading and writing them. In a book I can dance, sing, or roar down the road on big old hog. I can risk my life skiing, surfing, treasure hunting, mountain climbing or trekking through the Amazon jungle. I can shoot guns (without blowing off fingers or toes.) I can fight invading alien forces here on Earth or off in space. Zombies? Vampires? Werewolves? No problem. Sitting safe in my easy chair I can handle them. And in between the explosions and flying body parts, I can have sex with a leather-clad bad boy - or two. There are no STDs to worry about when your partners exist only between the pages of a book and your imagination.
In a book I can travel the Oregon Trail or the Trail of Tears and still be home for dinner. The only danger I face is burning said dinner while I'm engrossed in the story, but there's even an upside to that - ordering in pizza. Or better yet dinner out somewhere, one of those pastel sprinkles of excitement I prefer.
That's why people who tell me they don't have time to or like to read confuse me. Are their lives so "exciting" that they don't need or want to escape into another existence even for a short while?
So I'm happy to live my boring "real" life and get all my excitement between the pages of a book.

That's some interesting insight, Elysa. And to add my thoughts, that's one thing I enjoy about being a writer, and a reader. You can live your life through the characters you read and/or write about. That's why I love books! They leave so much room for the imagination. 

Thanks for blogging with me today. I appreciate you helping out a new blogger. 

Want to know more about Elysa? Here's  how!



BIO: After trying her hand at a variety of careers: retail sales, insurance underwriter, video store owner, home day care provider, and motherhood, Elysa Hendricks, a longtime reader of romance, sat down to write a short contemporary romance. When her heroine turned out to be a winged, telepathic alien, Elysa decided she enjoyed writing stories set in different places and times. Fortunately for the reading public that book remains hidden under her bed along with the evil killer dust bunnies.

After spending some time learning how to write she then penned a series of fantasy romances. GEMINI MOON, CRYSTAL MOON, SHADOW MOON and FORBIDDEN MOON are available from ImaJinn Books. She's received her rights back on her three books with Dorchester Publishing and will soon direct publish them. STAR CRASH is a sexy/sci-fi/adventure romance in the vein of Star Trek meets Planet of the Apes. THE SWORD AND THE PEN is a contemporary fantasy that combines Zenia, The Warrior Princess with Stranger Than Fiction and STAR RAIDERS is another futuristic set in the same universe as STAR CRASH.

With THE BABY RACE and COUNTERFEIT LOVE Elysa has penned two short contemporary love stories set in the real world of small town America.

While living in Illinois she helped found the Windy City Chapter and the Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal Chapters of Romance Writers of America as well as taught workshops on writing at writer’s conferences and at local community colleges. Recently relocated to central Ohio she’s happy to be part of the Central Ohio Fiction Writer family. Someday she dreams of writing on a laptop while sitting on a tropical beach.

Elysa has some books out on Amazon and Smashwords. The Baby Race and Counterfeit Love (There will be reviews for those books here soon.)

Baby Race:


Counterfeit Love:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Dear Storm Goddess!

    Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your blog. It's almost more excitement than I can stand. :-)


  2. Although I do have my motorcycle endorsement, I lead a pretty boring life as well. Good books are my escape. Save a lounge chair on that quiet beach for me, Elysa.

  3. I don't know why some people don't like to read either, but a whole bunch of my family doesn't. Luckily, I married into a reading family, and my husband and I have filled our house with books--which brings up another problem, where to put them!

    Keep Reading and Writing!
    Ann Macela

  4. Tried to comment, but it's not showing up. :-( I'll try again.
    Dear Storm Goddess,
    Thanks so much for having me on your blog. It's almost more excitement than I can stand. :-)

  5. I can't imagine a life without books. I'm lucky, most of my family loves to read, as do many of my friends.

    As for excitement, I'm not always that exciting, although I do want to storm chase. That's probably the most adventurous thing I do, and living in Arizona, that's not saying much since we don't have many wild storms for me to chase, lol.

  6. Nikki,

    You could chase dust storms. Maybe borrow Janie's motorcycle. :-)I'll stay under an umbrella on the beach and wait for the cabana boy to bring me my drink.


  7. Lol, I have definitely chased dust storms! I have my camera handy at all times. There is a pedestrian bridge about a half mile from my house that I go to because I get a pretty decent view of things west, north, and south of me, so I'm usually up there taking pictures or videos. I was up there for one of the dust storms that came through this summer. I thought I had enough time to run home before it hit, because I can't drive, and I ended up getting caught in it. My husband had to bring the car down the street and get me since I didn't have sunglasses or anything to cover my eyes LOL

  8. Loved your guest blog post Elysa...I echo your thoughts. Though I do have some awesome pastel moments too, I like the fact that since I'm afraid of heights, I can make my characters go bungee jumping, parachuting and anything high up that I want. It's a great adventure and when I'm writing it, I feel like I'm there.

    Your books sound fun...congrats on your success!

  9. Elysa, I'm with you. I like my life boring, but my books full of danger, adventure, and sex with a leather clad bad boy, hehehehe.

  10. I rode behind my hubby on a motorcycle when I was six month pregnant with our daughter. I scared a lot of people when I climbed off and they saw that I was pregnant, lol.

    But having said that, I'm not adventurous at all. Like you, I am a home body.

  11. On top of being boring and unadventurous, I'm also a picky eater, though not as bad as when I was a kid. I don't like any kind of red sauce. I'm a really lousy Italian. Must have gotten my taste buds from my mother's Swiss side. And I can abide mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. So there's LOTS of foods I won't/can't eat.

    OTOH my characters are not only more exciting and adventurous they love all different kinds of foods.

    Nikki, I can just see you caught in a dust storm. Was it scary?

    Janice, How 'bout the pregnant woman who just ran a marathon and gave birth right afterwards?

  12. Lol, I'm with you there on the picky eating....I am pretty bad..It is sad that my two and a half year old son eats better than I do!! He eats his peas, he's eaten spinach....and his never ending stomach is kind of creepy lol. This child can eat!!

    It wasn't scary. The storm i was caught in wasn't nearly as bad as some of the other dust storms we'd seen in Phoenix this year. I just didn't want all the dust in my eyes since it was blowing into my face.

    I'm just glad my son was home with me one day when a really bad hailstorm came though, because if it were just me that day, I would have walked down to the bridge to get pictures of the clouds that had been coming in from the south....and if I had gotten caught in that hailstorm with golf ball sized hail...umm yeah that wouldn't have been good.