Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: City of Champions

Blurb: Morgan Cole is a man with a dark history involving the U.S. Special Forces and covert military operations. He has returned home to the South Shore of Massachusetts to be near the only family he has left, his older brother Nathan. Working as a private investigator with a woman he truly cares for and seeing his brother on a near daily basis, he finally feels a sense of normalcy in his life that he never imagined possible.
When Nathan is suddenly found brutally murdered Morgan sets out to find the people responsible. Fasten your seat belts for a fast paced and gritty look at violence, kidnapping, murder and how one man serves up what can only be described as an outlaw style of justice. 

My Thoughts: 

It took me a few pages to really begin to get into the book, but once the pace quickened, I was hooked.  I will warn you- if you don't read books that are dark, gritty and sometimes violent, then this may not be the book for you.  

Morgan is started to get used to life as a civilian. He's seen some things most people would never imagine. He's finally close to family, including his brother.  Things are calm- normal even. But that doesn't last very long at all....

Daniel Stanton writes a fast paced thrilling read. There are a few times where the pace is slowed because of back story, or too much narrative, but other than that, I enjoyed this suspenseful tale very much.  The characters are well crafted, the plot has twists and turns to keep the reader intrigued.....I know I was! 

If you're a fan of suspense novels, I'd suggest City of Champions.

Daniel, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your work!

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