Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spotlight: On A Red Horse


Scarlet needs a new job, but Horseman of the Apocalypse doesn't sound good on a resume. Three years ago she followed her companions to Earth in an effort to live human lives. But the moment she left her husband Tyr she knew life wouldn't be worth living. Lonely and longing for her husband, Scarlet is on a path of destruction that could endanger all the riders.

Tyr, god of justice, hunts his wife across the realms. From Hell to the Golden Throne, he travels until he finds her working as a phone operator. Scarlet is no longer the woman he fell in love with, and he is determined to bring that woman back to him if it takes the rest of eternity.

Even though the Horsemen live on Earth, they are still responsible for guarding four seals that can unleash the Apocalypse. When a prophecy is awoken by a deity who only has her own interests at heart, they must go on the defensive to keep their homes on Earth and protect the seals. If even one seal opens, it will start a chain reaction that will force the Horsemen to take up their mantles and destroy the new lives they've worked so hard to build.


Excerpt: The phone went dead again, and she stared at the ceiling. The world seemed silent, no horns blaring or lights flashing across the ceiling. Nothing but utter silence. She contemplated how she'd reached this point. 
The thought of doing things at her leisure again seduced her into relying on a man for support, and that never seemed right to her. At the same time Tyr seemed happy taking care of her, but what if he wasn't around anymore? What if something happened to him? She supposed it didn't matter. Scarlet wouldn't want to live if he was gone, but what would happen if she died?
When they were created, there wasn't a manual. She just knew they had to protect the seals. She'd developed her own thoughts, goals, and intentions. When Tyr came into her life, she was happy to have finally found someone to take her mind off the waiting. Scarlet didn't necessarily care for the human race, nor did she want to lose herself to a nothingness that would consume the world. Her options—if they could be called that—were slim. She rolled over and pushed Tyr hard.
His eyes popped open and fixed on her. "You're not bleeding." 
She smiled as he woke up the same way she did...grumpy. "No," she said before scooting under his arm more so she was face level to kiss him. Scarlet wrapped her arms under and around his neck holding on tight as she kissed him with everything she could muster.
When they both finally drew breath, he broke the silence only previously pervaded with their panting. "I like waking this way, please do it more often."
Tyr slept naked, and his erection pressed against her under the covers. She swallowed all the fear and the reasons she should say no before kissing him again. He growled in her mouth. She melted her body against his so every part of her molded to him.
He pulled away and spoke, his warm breath fanning her lips. "Are you sure? Because if you make me stop this time, I think it will be classified as cruel and unusual punishment."
She laughed against his mouth. "If you stop, I'll kick your ass."

About the Author:

Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who attempts to make romance accessible to everyone no matter their preferences. As a new Northern Ohioian Monica enjoys snowdrifts, three seasons of weather, and disliking Michigan. When not writing Monica spends time with her daughter and her ever-growing collection of tomes about King Arthur.

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