Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review: The Mistletoe Melody

Title: The Mistletoe Melody

Author: Jennifer Snow

Publisher: Harlqequin Heartwarming

Review Rating: 5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


'Tis the season of forgiveness…but can she ever forget? 

Brad Monroe was truly unbelievable. Blowing back into Brookhollow for three days to film a Christmas special—three years after the accident that killed his best friend…her husband—and expecting Melody to be civil? Please. He'd been the only one who'd survived the tragedy, hightailing it to Nashville and hijacking her dream…Patrick's dream. She'd spent that time grieving, working three jobs, struggling to raise her boys and keep a roof over their heads. Now she was losing ground on all fronts, and not about to forgive and forget. Or give him the one thing that could save them all….

Review: How many times can I beg to move to Brookhollow??

I'm having a hard time here. I LOVE this series. I've loved the sexy heroes. I've loved the strong heroines.  Each story just gets better and better. 

The Mistletoe Melody pulled on my heart in so many ways. First off, I'm a music lover. I'm sold right there! 

This book stands alone perfectly, but I've been lucky enough to follow this series from the start. Brookhollow is one of my favorite fictional small towns. We've had a glimpse of Melody in each book and as the reader, i know she's had struggles, but we don't completely know the whole story.

Until now.

And WOW. What emotions. There was a scene that made me cry because of how torn Melody was about something she didn't want to part with. 

Her sons have such a struggle and Melody isn't sure what she's supposed to do. She's at her wits end in so many ways, and there's too many last resorts coming at her at once.

Then the man who changed her whole world comes back to town and Melody isn't ready for him and what he brings. 

Brad has to live with his past mistakes. It doesn't help that Melody is down on her luck and he wants to make everything right.  

This is a beautiful, touching story and it's full of so many mixed emotions. The Mistletoe Melody is hands down one of my favorite reads of 2014. I could read it over and over again and laugh just as much, cry just as much, and feel just as much as the very first time I read it.  Jennifer Snow outdid herself with this book. If you haven't read this holiday story or any of Ms. Snow's books, I have to question your sanity. WHY NOT?? 

Well done, Jennifer. Now hurry up and give me your next book. I'm impatiently waiting....


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