Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Sisters of the Night

Title: Sisters of the Night

Author: Linda Lee Williams

Genre: Contemporary romance, paranormal elements

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Emaline Hoffbrau is a beautiful hybrid-vampire. Having lost Ambrose Slater, her former love, to a regular woman, Emaline doubts she'll ever find that "special someone" again. Then the charming Garrett Thompson enters her life and turns her world upside-down. Can Garrett accept what Emaline is? Or will he break her heart in a different way?

Juliana Slater is gorgeous, arrogant, and manipulative. She's married to Chad Browning, her cousin Ambrose's best friend and a regular man. After loving Juliana for years, Chad is not so sure he wants to be under her control anymore. Then a tragedy occurs that changes everything. But can the two of them forgive each other and learn to trust again?

Gretchen Eberhardt is living with Bertram Fulbright, a sexy vampire and reputed "ladies' man." To complicate matters, he's slept with her closest friends, Emaline and Juliana. Although Gretchen and Bert share a powerful relationship, can a vampire couple find lasting love together? Or will Bert forsake Gretchen for a regular woman one day?


I adore this series!

I first learned of this wonderful family through Old Town Nights. Linda Lee Williams introduces us to a family of vampires. If you ever saw my previous review, you know what kind of vampires they are. If not, I'll tell you now. These are a 'normal' family...Well, okay. Hold on. First off, there's no such thing as normal, and there's nothing normal about vampires.

Let's try this again.

Linda's Blood and Company series revolves around the lives of a vampire family. Now, these are not the vampires you're used to. They aren't vicious, brooding, or killers. They lead regular lives, other than being a vampire. I love Linda's world!

In Sister's of the Night, we get a glimpse of Gretchen, Juliana, and Emaline. So we have the pleasure of three different love stories all in one amazing book. Plus, we get to catch up with previous characters. Love that!

Gretchen and Bert- what a lovely couple! Bert is fickle and isn't always sure what he wants. Gretchen is strong willed but she loves him.

Juliana and Chad. I think I was most invested in these two, as they are married and Chad is struggling with things. I felt so much. Sometimes i was angry at him, really angry at him, but I like how he kept trying. I really felt for Juliana. The emotional roller coaster kept me totally engaged!

Emaline and Garrett. Okay, I wasn't sure how I felt about Emaline in book one, but getting an insight into her mind this time around, I liked her! I LOVE Garrett and his story. I'm glad these two found each other!

The family has struggles, highs and lows, and I felt I was right there along with them. Linda's stories always have so much going for them and I love her unique style. Can't wait for more!