Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Heartsblood

Book Title: Heartsblood by Shannon West
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Reviewer: PamM

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Nicky finally has the close connection with Marco he’s wanted for so long—the bloodlust—a rare and little understood phenomena that changes a pet into an alpha wolf. But Nicky’s bloodlust was given to him by his sworn and deadly enemy, Jeremy Tate, for reasons known only to him, and he soon discovers that the wolf inside him is dangerously insane. When Gabe and Zack come to see the changes in Nicky, Gabe discovers something else about the wolf inhabiting Nicky’s body—something that threatens their friendship and causes Zack to attack Nicky. Will the alphas be able to tame and control this dangerous wolf or will it threaten not only Nicky and Marco’s relationship, but their lives as well?


Nicky loves Marco and hopes they can finally be happy. He is trying to come to an understanding about the wolf inside him but it seems his wolf hates Marco. Nicky is afraid to shift and is afraid his wolf will never accept Marco as his mate. He is having strange thoughts and wonders just what their enemy Tate injected him with. Now when Gabe and Zach come to visit his wolf reacts badly to both of them. they know what it is that is happening to him and they will all have to work together to get his wolf under control. Not only is it a danger to them but it may tear Nicky and Marco apart. An old enemy still isn't finished with them and the wolf inside Nicky may just be the start of their trouble.

I have not read any other books in this series and it didn't take me no time to get caught up and figure things out. I liked Nicky from the start. Marco he took some time to grow on me. It isn't him it's just how controlling being an alpha makes him. He doesn't seem to understand he has to allow a little freedom. I love all the different couples in this book. They each have a great story and truly belong together. Nicky is struggling a lot in this book and you just want to help him in any way you can. I felt so bad for him. You may doubt at times if he really loves Marco but he truly shows it in all he is willing to do to save him. Besides the danger of a crazy wolf and a crazy man there is also lots and lots of hot scenes. If you don't like M/M books this book is not for you but if enjoy them be sure to get this one. I plan to get the rest of the series as I want more of these characters and I can't wait to see what is next for Nicky and Marco.


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