Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: Dragon Ugly

Book Title: Dragon Ugly by Selena Illyria  
Publisher: Etopia Press
Reviewer: Crystal

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Can a dragon shifter give more than just hot sex?

After Brent’s New Year’s fling with his friends Fletcher and Tor—and Tor’s mate Louisa—Brent is determined to find his own mate. His dragon wants him to find their mate, too, and if Brent doesn’t find a way to locate her soon, his dragon will take matters into his own talons. And that could spell trouble.

Wolf shifter Carissa has no desire to live up to her wild musician mother and artistic father’s vision of free love and sex parties. She’s buried her sexual desires and focused on building up her aromatherapy store, Scentify, no distractions allowed. Until she meets Brent. The sexy dragon shifter makes her burn with suppressed need. The only problem? His dragon wants Carissa, too. And pursuing the dominant dragon would be playing with fire.

Giving in to his dragon saps Brent of his focus and energy. Things are turning ugly—dragon ugly. How can he bond with his mate when his dragon only wants sex?


This is a book that made me take notice. I never thought about these two shifters getting together. Brent is a dragon-shifter and Carissa is a wolf-shifter. I didn't know what was going on between these two at first. I know they were having a hard time with their inner beast. I just didn't know why they were in pain and why Carissa was having a hard time being around other shifters. That was until I got more into her relationship with her parents.

The title of this book really goes along with the story and it might take awhile but you find out what it means. Brent knows that Carissa is his mate and so does his dragon. His dragon just wants the sex and wants out every time. He wants to get through this on his own but his body can't take it and his friends call his parents to help out with this mess.

 I wanted to read this book because it was different and had to see how a wolf and dragon could work out being mates. I did like the cover and that was another reason that i had to read it. I didn't read the first one of this series and I did feel that I didn't know what was going on with the dragon. I will warn you that there is one scene that is a menage between a M/F/M. It adds spice to the story and makes it even better.


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