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Follow Me Friday: Blog Style featuring Racing To Read

Follow Me Friday: Blog Style Interview Template

Hi! Welcome to Follow Me Friday: Blog Style! I believe that book bloggers should help one another, because well, we all have one thing in common- the love of blogging, and books. I've had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some great bloggers out there, and my little tribute to everyone is to start up this fun Friday post! The power of uniting has helped Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More grow into what it is today, and I'm not about to forget the help I've gotten to achieve this goal. My hopes in starting this is to get other blogs some more followers, whether they are a well known blog or a small one, a blog that's just starting out. I'm here to help.

This Friday I'd like to feature Racing To Read The owner/creator of this blog is PamM I hope you'll follow along as I ask some questions pertaining to the blog, and a few fun questions. Ready? Let's begin!

Hi! Welcome to Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More! I'm really excited about this, and glad that you have taken part of the fun!

Thank you so much for having me here!

So, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a happily married woman with 2 beautiful girls. One will be 19 in October and my little one is 4. I loved to read of course and will read about anything. I live out in the country and my husband and friends like to say I am a hermit. I am hate to shop unless it;s for books or a car parts store.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I am an admin for a book page on fb and they are strictly paranormal. I read all types of books and thought I want something that is my own that I can read and post any type of books.

How did you come up with a blog name?

That was easy. I love Racing and Reading so Racing To Read.

How long has your blog been live/active?

It will be two years in November.

How do you go about spreading the word about your blog, and the posts?

I share my post on FB, Twitter, Google and Pinterest.

What's the best thing about blogging?

There is so much I love about it, but the best thing has been meeting so many fantastic authors! I may not have met them in person but many i have come to consider my friends.

What's the hardest thing about being a blogger?

Having to say no when I know I won't have time to read a book for someone. I wish I had time to help review all the books I am asked to.

Besides blogging, what are some of your other hobbies and passions?

Dirt track racing is a huge one for me. I raced dirt cars years ago and loved it. I hope to get back into it one day. My dad and husband race dirt cars, Even my brother has raced go karts so you can say our family is huge into the sport. I love working on cars and being in a garage. I also collect 80's toys. I have hundreds of My Little Ponies, tons of Care Bears and many other 80's toys. My husband still laughs because the first time he saw my collection he thought he had walked into the wrong room. In his words "Here you are covered in oil and grease and I walk into a little kids paradise. It's like there is two different people in the same body." He soon learned I have many sides lol. My other passion would be my kids and family. I would do anything for them.

Where can readers find you? How many ways to follow do you have?

They can find me on my blog where they can follow me by email, GFC or by bloglovin.

My FB page for the blog



How would an author go about getting a feature, whether it be an interview, guest post, etc?

They can email me at

Let's share some firsts!

First post:

It was a quick Welcome post November 5th 2012

First author interview:

It was with author Susan Griscom.

First guest post:

My first Guest Post was with Author Liesel K. Hill.

And now for some fun questions!

Three books on your keeper's shelf.

Bertrice Small's The Spifire. My mom got this one for me at a yard sale but it started my love for this author. My mom is no longer with me but I will always love this book because she got it for me. Uhm two more that is hard to pick. I will say Bunnicula is another. Yes it is a kids book but it was a book that really kicked my love of reading off. Last one I would say is Anna and The French Kiss. I love this book reread it. I have to say I am a book hoarder so I have many on my shelves lol.

Favorite authors?

Bertrice Small, Nikki Lynn Barrett, Norma Jeanne Karlsson, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Annie Walls and so many more. I am a huge fan of zombie books and will read any I can find.

Book you've re-read the most?

Any of Bertrice Smalls. She is my go to pick me up reread author.

Favorite TV show?

Married with Children is my favorite of all time. I have the bx set and we watch at least one disc a week. I also love The Middle and Modern Family. I don't have cable but I do buy The Walking Dead when they release on DVD.

Favorite color?

Purple and Black

What's your dream job?

To have my own garage that I also sold Race parts out of. Having been around many garages I would love the chance to have my own. I have been to very few that really know how to treat there customers right especially women.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, no money holding you back, where would you go?

Scotland or Ireland. I have always dreamed of going to either place.

Anything else you'd like to add in, maybe something I didn't ask in the interview that you'd love to share with readers?

I just want to thank you all that listen to me rattle on. I am just a woman who loves to read and to share my love of reading with others!

I really appreciate you answering my questions. It's great getting to know other bloggers that share the same interests as I do. Before we end this post, please share any links that come in handy for you and your blog.
Thank you so much for having me!
They can find me on my blog where they can follow me by email, GFC or by bloglovin.

My FB page for the blog



Readers, I hope you'll check out this blog and give it a follow if you haven't already!

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