Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: Sun, Sand and Submission

Book Title: Libertine Island 2, Sun, Sand and Submission by Diane Leyne  
Publisher: BookStrand
Reviewer:  Crystal

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Eighteen months ago, on a romantic weekend away, Aly Martinson broke up with her boyfriend Max Barton when he admitted he was a Dom. She regretted her hasty reaction almost immediately, but a one year job assignment overseas meant she never had the opportunity to apologise and ask if they could try again.

Now her friend Rebecca is working at a BDSM resort, and Aly's worried she's being taken advantage of. So Aly turns to the only person she knows in the lifestyle for help: Max. He agrees to pose as Aly's Dom so they can visit the very exclusive island resort and check on Rebecca.

What Max doesn't know is that Aly's hoping that this trip can also be a chance for them to try again as a couple. What Aly doesn't know is that Max is thinking the same thing.


I am trying to figure out which series I like the most. Either the Club Libertine or the Libertine Island. I can't decide. They both have great characters and hot scenes. Sometimes there are just one Dom and other times there are more.

 I knew after I read the first book of this series that I would have to read the next one. This book is about Aly and Max. Aly loves Max and Max loves Aly. Max loves BDSM and Aly doesn't understand it. I know that Max went the wrong way of telling Aly what he wants and likes. He just demanded and that made Aly run away. So you can say that both of these charactes are stubborn and they don't want to tell the other how they feel just in case the other doesn't feel the same way.

 I like how even though the books are centered around the same place that the charactes have different stories. Nothing is ever the same and there are always different things for them to get through. I have really enjoyed reading books by this author. Yes they are erotic and spicy but that is what I like to read. I will warn you that this is a BDSM book which has whipping, toys, and anal.


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