Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: The Alpha's Bride

Book Title: The Alpha's Bride by Karenna Colcroft    
Publisher: Passion In Print
Reviewer: Crystal

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS


Werewolf Alpha Justin Ruel had believed he could never be a father, since werewolf females can't carry children to term. But his mate Tareth McConnell is human. Tareth fears telling Justin she's pregnant. They've known each other only three months, and although they're true mates, she worries that it's too soon for a child.

When Tareth confesses the truth to Justin, he's thrilled. Knowing that he will have a child is the best Christmas gift he could have received. And with his pack's help, Justin plans to make Tareth's Christmas just as memorable.


I seen the title of this book and knew that I had to try it out. Then I found out it was about werewolves I knew it was a book for me. This book just showed me that a werewolf and a human can be mates and find that connection that everyone wants.

 Justin Ruel has a lot on his hands because he is the alpha and is in charge. The thing that really gets to him is the his second and third don't get along and it feels like he is between kids all the time. When he finds out that his human mate Tareth is pregnant he will do anything to protect her and his baby. He finds out she still questions his love and that is what starts the surprise wedding. His pack seems to come together to plan this wedding and start giving Tareth a chance.

I hate to say that this is the first book I have read by this author. I really love her writing style and she seems to write things differently than other authors. This makes me love this story even more. I will be reading more books by this author in the future. I highly recommend this book to everyone that loves shifters.


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