Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review: Aiden's Betrayal

Book Title: Aiden's Betrayal by C.T. Nicholson  
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press



Aiden is a vampire, a Guardian for the Society, who spends his nights hunting down vampires who've turned rogue. He meets Elle, a human, the first woman to get his attention after losing his mate.

Elle's a simple human who runs a bed and breakfast and ends up being dragged to a club with her friend. When she meets Aiden, he draws her to him like no other man ever has, but everything changes when she realizes he's a vampire. Just like the one who killed her family and nearly killed her.

As fate intervenes, Aiden ends up bringing Elle into his world to protect her from a rogue who hunts them and both woman and vampire must adjust. Aiden has to get over his fear of losing another mate and Elle has get over her fear of vampires

I have to admit that it took me several chapters to get into this one. It moved a little slow for my tastes at first, but once it got going, man did it go! I really liked how the author created a different kind of Vampire world. While they needed blood to survive, they also needed food. They were able to go out in the day light and the whole rougue aspect was unique as well. I enjoyed that a lot! Elle had seen her family slaughtered by vampires years before so she knew to be weary of them. She never expected to fall in love with one! Aiden is a Gaurdian, a born vampire who hunts the rougues and helps to keep others safe from them. Having lost his mate 100 years before, he was not looking for a new one. Funny how fate had different plans for these two. While trying to navigate their blossoming relationship, they also have to figure out who is behind a string of brutal killings, and who is starting an army of rogues. Add in some twists and secrets that come to light and we've got ourselves a hit! I can't wait to see what happens next in this series!


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