Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: To Yank A Tiger By The Tail

Book Title: To Yank a Tiger by the Tail by Bobbi Romans  

Publisher: Shara Azod

Reviewer: Crystal
Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: When tiger shifter Dax's brother Fin, decides to welcome his brothers mate with streaking across the meadow, he created a hailstorm of fury, not laughter. Adding to the fated melee, Dax's ex fianc√©, Sparrow, bursts upon the scene with hopes of a reconciliation. 

Things turn from bad to worse when Dax’s mate, Zhara, bolts from the heartache and runs straight into Sparrows, biker brother Starl. 

Zhara’s dreams of making a good impression on her boyfriend’s family not only go up in flames, but an inferno of misunderstandings. When she catches Dax in the arms of his ex, she follows her instincts. 

Sadly they send her straight into Starls arms. A smoking hot biker shifter who turns things even more topsy-turvy. 

Will yanking the tiger’s tail destroy the couple for good, or will Dax unsheathe his claws for the fight of life and mate?

I read the first book It Came Upon A Midnight Dream. It let me see how Dax and Zhara met. I really enjoyed that book and didn't even know at first that this was the second book.

I liked the title of the book and the cover was eye catching. I love to read books about shifters and to know it was about tigers.

Dax Marksons is taking Zhara home to meet his family and to finally make the mating with Zhara. He was expecting his brother Fin to streak but he wasn't expecting his ex-finance to arrive and ruin his plans. Zhara is pissed that he didn't tell her about his ex-fiance and runs off and is saved by a guy on a motorcycle.

Zhara finds out who he is while they are drinking. He is Starl Long and is Sparrows brother, which is the ex-finance. Zhara thinks she did something bad with Starl but realizes it was nothing. When she has a dream about Dax she knows she wants him back but does he want her?

This was a short read but still what I was looking for. I had to find out what happens to everyone in this book and I loved the ending. I will not give anything away so you will have to read to see what happens.

I hope there are more books after this one.



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