Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review: 30 Days To Syn

 Title: 30 Days to Syn    
Author:     Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Reviewer: Crystal
Review Rating:  4 Lightning Bolts

Blurb: The ad reads: Young woman (American only) willing to engage in domination roleplay. No BDSM. Salary: $1,000,000 upon completion of contract. Length of employment: 30 consecutive nights.
Drowning in debt, Melina Wynth is going under for the third time. With a dead-end job and a disabled brother dependent on her, the ad in the paper could be the lifeline to keep her from sinking. Reeling in her courage, she casts her line.
Synjyn McGregor is a shark—a very wealthy shark from Down Under—and his bite could prove to be her undoing. But Lina is determined she isn’t going to allow him to get away. The length of employment might read thirty nights, but she suspects he is fishing for something more.

Synjyn needs a woman who will love him—mentally and physically—as never before. A woman whose touch will not only put the billionaire in his place but keep him there…begging for more. He will quickly realize Lina is made for Syn.


This book was more than I thought it would be. When I read what it was about I asked how can this book be this long? When I seen that everyday is a chapter then I knew. Some are long and some aren't.

Melina Wynth has had to take care of her brother since the night her parents died in a car accident. Drew will never be the same and he doesn't even remember who she is. She loves him and will do whatever she can to get him the best care possible. Only thing is now she is losing everything. All her bills are overdue and she has to have $3,000.00 up front to put her brother in a great place. To beat it all her car finally decides it is done. I could just feel how much frustration that she felt when all of this was going on. I could really tell she was down at the bottom as far as she could go. That is until her best friend Rachel tells her to look at an ad in the paper.

Synjyn McGregor is a man with money. He comes from a bad childhood. One of the worse anyone could grow up in. His mom got pregnant at 13 and got kicked out of the house. She then went to a cat house I guess you could call it. She treated her son like a piece of crap. When he was old enough she even had him working. When you have a childhood like that it makes you not believe in women. When Syn sees Lina's profile he knows she is the one for him.

In this book I didn't know if Syn was making this a game and trying to win a bet or if he really was looking for a woman to love him for what he was not his money. You can see as you read the story that feelings change between these two. Just when you think things are working out something would happen to stop things and Syn had to regroup. I could just see all the pain he was going through. He is a man that just wants to be loved and feel the touch of a woman that really cares for him.

I liked this story and got a lot out of this story. I don't know if I could come through everything that Syn had to. To know your mom doesnt' love you and blames you for everything and at the end to be betrayed by one of his friends. I won't say anymore because I don't want to give away the ending or any secrets. I just felt there are some questions that weren't answered.


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