Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Pants Cafe

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Do YOU Believe in the Pants?

Each summer, thousands secretly flock to a tiny yet charming hole-in-the-wall known as The Happy Pants Café.  And what are they searching for?  It’s not coffee.  And it’s not pants. It’s true love, and they find it!

So what’s with the quirky name and what, exactly, is the café’s big secret? Harper Branton, a columnist for the San Francisco Tribune, who’d sooner believe in unicorns than in true love, is about to find out.  And it’s the perfect story to save her train wreck of a career.

Too bad she’s got competition. He’s sexy, he’s arrogant, and he thinks she’s crazy.(Perhaps a little dangerous, too.) What kind of person doesn’t believe in love? And this coming from a dude!

When these two rivals go head to head, it's more like a WWF smackdown. A shared history binds them in wonderful, terrible ways quickly making their duel about more than just a news story. Will they tear each other apart for the win or end up as two new satisfied Happy Pants customers?

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Review: It starts with a cookie....and then you fall in love. 

Sound like a gimmick? It's the rumor of the Happy Pants Cafe. You eat the cookie, you're going to meet THE ONE within seven days.

Believe it?

Most don't. Until it happens to them. Problem is, most don't want to talk about it.....

Harper is a facts person. By the book. She's sassy, she's thinking all about work work work. (When I say sassy, I mean...well, she's feisty!) And lately, things just don't go in her favor. Like her last few jobs. She's got one more shot to try and get the big story.

Then there's Austin. The competition.  And Harper isn't happy about it! These two are in for it now! They banter, they fight, they sizzle. Whew! They also have a history.  

This book made me smile. HARD. It's funny, it's witty, it's zingy. The pace is fast, and the story sucked me in. I loved the premise of the cafe. It just shows a hint of magic, or maybe fate. It brings people together. Austin and Harper have a big road ahead of them if they just open their hearts, shut their mouths and stop fighting. Great read! I'm looking forward to more from the author. 

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When San Francisco native, Mimi Jean, went on an adventure as an exchange student to Mexico City, she never imagined the journey would lead to writing Romance. But one Mexican MBA, one sexy Mexican husband, and two rowdy kids later, Mimi would trade in corporate life for vampires, deities, and snarky humor.    She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.   She also enjoys interacting with her fans (especially if they’re batshit crazy). You can always find her chatting away on Facebook, Twitter, or saying many naughty words on her show MAN CANDY on