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Precious Words

Emberly Fallon is a smart, beautiful American attorney who goes on a dream vacation with her two best friends to the UK, where she meets the irresistible Niccolo Bartoli, an Italian tennis pro who is just as commanding off the court as he is on.
Emberly resists his advances, not wanting anything to do with paparazzi and Nico’s rabid fans.
Currently ranked number two in the world, Nico finds himself struggling with his game and his personal life. Although always surrounded by his entourage, he is lonely in his world of celebrity and constant travel. Emberly makes him feel grounded, and despite her best intentions, she does fall in love with the dashing, foreign sportsman.

Their romantic adventures take them to Miami, New York, and Rome. This whirlwind love story was not in Emberly’s future plans, but she allows herself to be happy with Nico—until she becomes the victim of threats. Someone is trying to bring Nico’s success and newfound happiness to a tragic end … and that person is much closer than they suspect.

Excerpt: Annie reached for Emberly’s arm. “Oh, he’s too hot to resist. We’re getting his
autograph, and you’re coming with us.” Emberly felt herself being propelled
forward as Annie and Kate firmly tugged on her wrists. Embarrassed by her friends’
exuberance but refusing to make a scene, she decided to hide behind Annie and
Kate as they approached the table.

The four swarthy men were huddled at a round table tucked in the corner of the
pub, eating sandwiches and talking rapidly in Italian. Nico was sitting in the
corner facing the three girls, sipping what appeared to be lemonade. His head
jerked up as Annie boldly announced, “We’re sorry to bother you gentlemen, but
our friend here would like to get Nico’s autograph for her mother, who is probably
his biggest fan.”

Nico appeared amused at this unusual request and smiled at his companions.
“Sure. Which friend are you referring to?” His confused gaze fell on Annie and
Kate. The two girls quickly stepped apart and pulled Emberly forward despite her
resistance. She smiled timidly, mesmerized by Nico’s inky dark eyes and glowing
smile. Nico’s smile faded and he stared silently at Emberly. She watched his eyes
trail from her face to her long blond hair, which lay casually across one shoulder.
He seemed to be drinking her in as his gaze settled back on her face. It felt like an
eternity before he spoke. “Hello,” he said softly without taking his eyes off her.

Review Rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Review: Precious Words has a lot going on! In a good way. It's a mix of romance, intrigue, friendships, self discovery, a bit of's a whole bunch of great things that kept me enthralled in the book.  There's a few times where the writing style jarred me out of the story, but I think that might have been just me. The characters and the plot kept me going for sure,, I was really intrigued by it. I loved the foreign vacation and falling in love with a foreign man.  I'd be interested in future works from the author! 

Author Bio:
Leigh Fleming is the owner of the Scrapbook Cottage, a weekend retreat center for craft enthusiasts. She lives with her husband, Patrick, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and is mom to adult children, Tom and Liza, and two beloved dogs, Lula Belle and Napoleon. Precious Words is her first novel.

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