Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Love: Tasting Texas by Kimmie Easley


Beth Garrett spends every waking moment with the love of her life, The Long Branch Saloon. The popular southern bar is a much needed escape from the reality of living in a small Texas town.

Never one for drama, Beth swears off messing around with men from her own backyard, and spends most of her nights alone. That is until fate has pity on her and sends the occasional handsome stranger through town.

That’s exactly what happens when Eric Alexander comes to Sommerville on business. After a long meeting, Eric and his colleagues end up at The Long Branch to blow off some steam, and when the sexy New Yorker challenges Beth to a game of pool for one night together, all bets are off.

Just as Beth thinks she has Eric eating out of the palm of her hand, she quickly realizes he’s been the one pulling the strings the entire time.

Part of the Hot Summer Nights Anthology

Multi-talented romance authors, collaborating to bring you stories so hot, they'll melt your Popsicle off it's stick.

So grab your sunblock, drink of choice, snack, and claim your "me time" before you escape into our characters' sexy, dog days of summer.

***Releasing May 30th, 

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